7/5 Leftover numbers

Here’s a sad stat: From 1916 (the first year at Wrigley) through 2009, the Cubs never allowed
more than eight runs in two games of a series. They did that in the just completed four-game series against the first-place Reds, losing 12-0 on Friday and 14-3 on Sunday.

The last time the Cubs allowed eight or more runs in an inning to the same team in more than one game in a year was in 1977 against St. Louis. On April 27, ’77, the Cubs gave up eight runs in an inning at Wrigley and on May 30 that year, they served up nine in an inning in St. Louis.

— Carrie Muskat


Here’s another sad stat:

The Cubs have never previously spent $140m to be 12games below 0.500

The DBacks and Marlins have had the foresight to sack the men at the top despite them operating on far lower budgets with similar results.

Are the Ricketts apathetic to the plight of their investment…? Or are they going to refurb all the toilets and eating experiences before looking at the mess Hendry created?

The longer that the June Swoon becomes the July Deny(al) the poorer the Ricketts are painted.

We are going to win nothing this year, so hail the taxi for Hendry, Lou and Clown Kenney (and Rothschild as well please), option DPLee and RAmirez to AAA if we can (no I don’t know their status) and bring up the kids.

Have no fear hustlelikereed, Hendry’s crowning acheivment on his resume, the signing of Soriano for 8 YEARS TO PATROL LEFT FIELD WITH A LEAD GLOVE will come through and save this team…by hitting homeruns against the Pirates and Diamondbacks he his showing the entire baseball world what a genious Hendry is, yep, his boy is going to “carry” this team. Taxi anybody?

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