7/11 Lineup & Lee

Lou Piniella decided to give Derrek Lee an extended breather and he was not in the starting lineup for Sunday’s first half finale against the Dodgers. Here’s the lineup:

RF Fukudome

2B Theriot

CF Byrd

3B Ramirez

1B Nady

LF Soriano

SS Castro

C Soto

P Silva

— Carrie Muskat


Why does lou keep throwing Fukudome out there. Tyler Colvin needs to play EVERYDAY….Fukudome sux and will never get bettter.

Maybe Hendry has given orders to Lou to “showcase” what little talent Fukodome has, that being his defense in order to get ANY trade interest? Maybe the same for Nady playing first? Just a guess. Boy is Hendry stuck with his chickens that came home to ROOST, BIG TIME. I wonder how many NATIONAL LEAGUE GM’s hendry had to beat to Nady’s door waiving over 3 million dollars for him and his injury recovering arm, one dimensional baseball skills and limited defensive prowess?? Way to go. “How to waste roster spots while blowing millions of your employers money at the same time” A good title for a book. Maybe Brad Pitt can play Hendry like in “Money ball” 🙂

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