7/11 Ramirez on hot streak

Aramis Ramirez was 2-for-4 on Saturday with a solo home run. In his last five games, the Cubs third baseman is 11-for-21 with seven extra-base hits, nine runs scored and nine RBIs, and he’s had at least two hits, including an extra-base hit, in each of those games. According to Elias Sports Bureau, that ties the longest streak of games with at least two hits and one extra-base hit by a Cubs player over the last 70 years, done several other times, most recently by Derrek Lee in 2007. Maybe Lee can match that feat starting in the second half.

— Carrie Muskat


Error-amis Ramirez might finally be showing signs of hitting life, but his defense is a joke. He should have had 3 errors yesterday, the worst being when he just stood around as a runner was nearing 3B on a hit to LF. But Lou keeps sending him back out the next inning.

Say what you want about Hendry dumping so much talent, making long term commitments to players that can’t hit in a park where the wind usually blows in, and having no backups for 1B and 3B despite the $140M price tag. Lou and his coaches should be ashamed at allowing the lack of basic fundamentals to be rewarded line up and line up.

buckt, since you mentioned Hendry and his long term commitments and failure to have adequate backups at 1B & 3B I feel compelled to respond saying that I get your point about Pinella and his staff and for the most part agree with you yet are you saying that Pinella has GOOD choices of players to put at third base and first base? We are down to Fontenot and Baker at third and Nady at first. I see only limited options for Lou and either way we fans are left with little expectations from anybody at first or third. Hendry is culprit #1, Lou is only culprit #2. They both should be replaced prior to the 2011 season. Baker is just taking up a roster spot and Fontenot is getting closer to becoming obsolete. Might as well release Baker and bring up a rookie like Barney and take a look at him at 2b? Theriot can ride the bench as a back up instead of Baker. Let the guessing games begin as far as how the roster will look at the beginning of 2011. Guessing games…just what Hendry does.

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