7/11 Bad blood? Or bad control?

Marlon Byrd thought it was odd that his former teammate, Vicente Padilla, lost his control in the seventh inning when the Dodgers pitcher plunked the Cubs center fielder on the arm. Padilla and Byrd have some history, and Byrd walked slowly to first after getting hit by the pitch.

“When a guy’s throwing a two-hit shutout and he’s pinpoint all day long, and you get hit with a four-seamer, you have to question it sometimes,” Byrd said. “That’s why I looked at him and smiled. Whether he did it or not, you have to ask him.”

So, no bad blood?

“We were teammates, we were friends,” Byrd said. “If he did it or not, that’s all on him. You have to question it when a guy’s hitting his spots all day long.”

Padilla said he didn’t know why Byrd reacted the way he did. Did they get along?

“Yes, yes,” Padilla said.

In the Dodgers eighth, Cubs rookie Andrew Cashner hit leadoff man Blake DeWitt with a pitch and both benches were issued a warning. Dodgers manager Joe Torre felt that was payback.

“I think so, yeah,” Torre said, “because I think a guy who didn’t throw as hard was throwing in the bullpen [in Justin Berg] and they changed to a guy who throws. Pretty good indication that that was going to be the case, yeah.”

Said DeWitt: “I knew that it was [on purpose]. That’s part of it, that’s baseball.”

Cashner pleaded innocent. He said the pitch got away from him.

“He’s a great teammate,” Byrd said of the rookie right-hander. “You have to love him. He had pinpoint accuracy, too.”

— Carrie Muskat

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