7/20 Lou to retire at end of season

Lou Piniella announced his retirement Tuesday, saying this will be his last season. Piniella, who turns 67 on Aug. 28, issued a statement, saying he wanted to enter a new phase in his life.

“I couldn’t be more appreciative of the Cubs organization for providing me the opportunity to manage this ballclub,” Piniella said in his statement. “I’ve had four wonderful years here that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

“I’ve grown to love the city and the fans but at my age, it will be time to enter a new phase in my life,” he said. “It will enable me to spend more valuable time with my family – my wife, my kids and my grandchildren. God has blessed me to have been able to work this many years in the game that I love.”

He has had several conversations with GM Jim Hendry about the future and apparently decided now was the time to make an announcement.

“Why make this announcement now?” Piniella said. “Jim Hendry asked me in recent weeks regarding my future with the team and I told him I had made the decision to retire at the end of the season. Since my decision has now been made, I don’t want to mislead anyone about my intentions when asked in the future. 

“But more importantly, announcing my decision now is what’s best for this organization in the long run,” he said. “It gives Jim Hendry ample time to find the next manager and he doesn’t need to do so in secrecy.”

Hall of Famer and former Cubs second baseman Ryne Sandberg, who is currently managing the Triple-A Iowa team, has made it clear he would like to someday manage the big league club. Expect plenty of rumors.

This season, the Cubs were 42-52 and 10 1/2 games back in the Central, and it’s been a struggle. Piniella has had to deal with off the field issues as well, such as Carlos Zambrano’s tantrum June 25 in which he blasted his teammates for not playing well behind him.

— Carrie Muskat


“It gives Jim Hendry’s successor ample time to find the next manager and he doesn’t need to do so in secrecy.”
-Sounds better.

2nd that…..do we really turst to find another manager?

I’ve said this before, give Hendry a A LOT if not ALL the credit for bringing in Ramirez and Lee to stabilize the infield and for doing it with good contracts. Hell, give him credit for “improving” the minor leagues if you think that although improving the minor leagues from crap to good isn’t exactly a ringing endoresement especially when you clogged the major league outfield and bench up so much with useless pieces the good minor leguers have nowhere to go unless the manager FINALLY concedes his GM is a fool and benches “star” players like Fukodome opening up a spot for the deserving Colvin. ANY credit Hendry has over his tenure is completley cancelled out by the his terrible decisions since the Ramirez/Lee signings and we do NOT trust him to find a manager let alone a utility infielder. If the Ricketts remain married to Hendry for the enitire 2011 season then they may lose whatever trust we fans have in them as well. How long is long enough Ricketts? Show us something OTHER than the same old same old…Hendry or the circle continues.

Case in point:
“The Rangers do not seem high on Xavier Nady, according to Sullivan. The 31-year-old has many incentives in his contract that could inflate his price, but Nady has not hit well for the Cubs so far in 2010.”

That little blurb found in MLB Traderumors.com
Wonderful move there right? And he didn’t want Edmonds back for one more year but COULDN’T WAIT TO SIGN Nady for over 3 mil, even though he couldn’t come near playing the outfield (or hitting) like the old man Edmonds. Who has the higher trade value…Nady or Edmonds?? Duh.
Nady at 3 mil or Bobby Scales? Hmm…MUST WASTE OWNERS MONEY…I’ll go with Nady and his bad arm, why not spend foolishly like always?

Thank you MLBTraderumors.com!!!

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