7/21 Lineup & Silva

Kosuke Fukudome is starting in right field Wednesday and Tyler Colvin playing left as Alfonso Soriano gets a day off in the series finale vs. the Astros. Here’s the lineup:

LF Colvin

SS Castro

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

CF Byrd

RF Fukudome

C Hill

2B Theriot

P Lilly

* Also, Carlos Silva may be pushed back to give him more time on the side with pitching coach Larry Rothschild. As of now, Silva is scheduled to start Sunday but Ryan Dempster could go in his place.

— Carrie Muskat


Tonight’s lame effort clearly showed why you wouldn’t leave Hendry to look after your houseplants while you were vacationing let alone a team with a payroll of $140m +++

Coming off the bench to strike fear into the Houston hordes – Fontenot and Baker… scary stuff. And the puffball artillery that is Theriot and the largely ineffective Fukodome.

In the Bullpen… Homerun Howry (maybe not tonight), Berg and Stevens.

Hendry you have bee the weakest link here for so long it is untrue. For every good trade there are 2-3 woeful ones. Yes Lee and Ramirez have served us well and so will Byrd, but with the good of Gorzellany (as a 4-5 in the rotation)came the ridculousness of Grabow… Nady, Miles, Heilmann, Bradley, Gregg, Zambrainless’ contract… they just roll off your tongue.

Piniella has passed his sell by date, but I’d look as exhausted as he does with no firepower off the bench and the keystone cops in the bullpen… who assembled it – HENDRY. The next step for Hendry must be the board at BP.

I forgot to add, the lame brain that re-signed Howry and outbid himself for Soriano and Fukupdome. Geez Jim… time for that short yellow bus.

And so successfully has he assembled this roster that Hendry can’t even restock the farm with trading his overpaid primadonnas… following MLBTR, Lee, Ramirez, Fukudome and Nady can’t even be given away! And Lilly won’t bring much in return.

Why oh why should the man who created this havoc be given the opportunity to put it right? It’s akin to leaving Hannibal Lecter babysitting!

hustlelikereed you…you…you…ROCK! Absolutley brilliant stuff. I humbly bow to your wit & wisdom. Howry, the cherry on top, brilliant. There HAS to be something up Tom Ricketts’ sleeve regarding Hendry…am I dreaming hustle? Are we REALLY in for more of Hendry? He would have to work out so many “miracle” deals just to DUMP Soriano, Zambrano and Fukodome not to mention the midling bench players he assembled that if he were somehow able to do this I’m afraid he would be perceived as genious when at least we both know (and probably thousands more like us) that Hendry looks good BECAUSE he gets rid of bums he shouldn’t have acquired in the first place??? Ridiculous. He has to struggle just to get back to square one instead of paving the way FORWARD to playoff territory year after year. If this is the Ricketts’ idea, I’m gonna be sick but I’m holding on to the hope that Hendry will be replaced.

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