7/21 Trammell on Cubs job

Bench coach Alan Trammell said now is not the time to think about possibly replacing Lou Piniella as manager but does want to be considered.

“It’s been a great four years with Lou,” Trammell said Wednesday. “I can’t express enough how much I appreciate the opportunity working with Lou and being with him. That being said, we still have over two months to go. There’s an appropriate time. There’s a time and a place for things. [General manager Jim Hendry] is going to go through the process, and we’ll see what happens down the road here.”

Trammell managed the Detroit Tigers from 2003-05 and compiled a 186-300 record. It was a challenge.

“I would say so,” Trammell said. “You lose 119 games and you’re almost part of baseball history in a negative way, that certainly tests you in a lot ways. The three years there, I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed coaching. Looking back, it was good experience.”

— Carrie Muskat


gfor Trammel to become interium manager..he knows all the players, and wants to win..using some different stragies he can help us put together a win streak..the bunt em over…for one..steal some bases..but basics we need..the players are in limbo and would play HARD for Trammel..Let’s do something smart for a change

Yes because Trammell comes with a history of success – NOT.

Bring in Brenly or Sandberg to season’s end but please not this loser.

ditto that hustlelikereed. Let’s just make a clean break for cryin’ out loud. Out with the OLD (all of em!) and in with the new. Sandberg or Brenly for 2011 as we know Pinella is finishing the year as a lame duck working under a lame GM. NOW all of a sudden Hendry will regain some wisdom?
I’d rather take my chances with someone else but the Ricketts seem enamored or obligated to Hendry as if Hendry was FORCED not only to spend money but spend it on bad players and on no trade contracts and for long term contracts. How could all that be on anybody BUT Hendry?

Ryno is the absolute best man to take over the managers job next year, and heres some reasons why :
1. Having worked in our minor league system for 4 years, he is much more familiar with what we have on the farm than , say, a Tony Larussa or Joe Torre would. This is important when you consider that in the next few years the Cubs are going to start depending more on their home-grown players (they’ve learned their lesson with these over-paid under-acheiving Free Agents; ie – Kosuke, Nady, etc.)

2. As a first year manager, Sandberg will have a red-hot passion to prove himself as a star manager in the Major Leagues. Remember, when Sandberg first arrived to the Bigs in “83, he was not highly touted. He worked hard to prove himself as a player and that same determination that he had to succeed as a player will manifest itself again as a manager.

3. This guy loves the Cubs! That was what made Tommy Lasorda such a success as a Dodger. Sandberg wants to bring a World Series championship to the North Side much more than any other candidate. Sandberg will manage the cubs to the very same success that Larussa brought to the Dodgers of the “80’s.

4, He understands how to play winning baseball. The closest the Cubs have come to a World Series trip was when Sandbergs Cubs came so close in 1984. That team played ball the old-fashioned way – speed, pitching , and defense. Ryno is committed to that same style of gutsy baseball today – a style we havent seen in Wrigley since 1984.

In short – I believe that the Cubs have the opportunity to begin a Lasorda-Like era in wrigleyville. PLEASE – PLEASE – Give Ryno the job!!!!

rickswucubfan, you bring up some good points especially the Lasorda analogy. Kind of sad we are down to practically begging our esteemed GM to hire Sandberg. Sandberg should be hired on merit and certaninly NOT be dismissed BECAUSE ha may be perceived as too “Cubbie blue” I read that Hendry said he was looking for a “long term” type of arrangement for the management job…gee NOW he thinks like that? Did he percieve Dusty or Lou as long term at THEIR age? Wouldn’t that way of thinking eliminate Torre, Tramell, LaRussa (and even Brenly)? Does Hendry think he’ll get a Lasorda or Cox like run from those “old” guys??? That leaves it to Sandberg and Girardi as the two logical “young” candidates that can give the Cubs the long term needed to emulate Lasorda and Cox with Sandberg being the no brainer, most deserving just for putting the time in with the organization’s minor league system. If Hendry wants to atone he should hire Sandberg to a LOOOOOONG term contract and bring in some smarter people to help him put together a better roster. OR the Ricktetts can just cut to the chase and fire Hendry and REALLY change things.

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