7/24 Throwing heat

Andrew Cashner wasn’t feeling well Saturday. He woke up with a sore throat and was coughing up phlegm all day. All he asked bullpen coach Lester Strode was that if the Cubs needed the rookie right-hander, they had to get him up one time to warm up and that’s it. It worked.

Cashner threw two innings in relief in Saturday’s 6-5 win over the Cardinals and did give up a run but he also showed he’s not afraid.

The Cardinals had two on, nobody out and Albert Pujols up. Cashner fired three straight 100 mph fastballs after the count reached 3-2. The Cardinals slugger fouled the first two off and ended up with a sacrifice fly.

Cashner’s plan?

“Not giving in,” he said. “He’s one of the best hitters in the game. If I’m going to get beat, I’m going to get beat with my fastball with him.”

“He’s mature beyond his years,” Ryan Theriot said of Cashner. “He’s aggressive. He’s not afraid to shake off a pitch. What I’ve noticed is a lot of young pitchers, they just throw whatever sign is put down. [Cashner] has a plan and he’s executing that plan.”

Cashner doesn’t look at the stadium radar gun readings.

“The other guys talk about it but that’s not something I pay attention to,” he said.

Rookie outfielder Tyler Colvin saw the 100 readings. Would he like to stand in against that?

“I like a challenge,” Colvin said.

— Carrie Muskat


what about this thought… moving soriano back to sencond and playing colvin in left and fuludome in rt. I think leaving fukudome out of the linup so much is going to hurt him. The riot isn’t hitting well. i don’t think. Trade bait maybe for some reflief pitching. I know sori isn’t the greatest 2nd baseman but I feel he’/s bettter than what we got. We need colvin in the line up everyday as well as fukudome believe it or not I understand soriano was an eroor machine at 2nd but I think they need the bats of colvin and fuludome in the line up at the same time. That’s two lefties something they are missing.


Jeff, you’re right that our basic lineup is righty again, just as it was when folks complained about such a situation against the Dodgers in the playoffs. My comment remains they won 97 with that lineup against whatever pitching; the righties didn’t keep them from winning in the playoffs. There was a smokescreen to hide the fact that for the second straight year we didn’t show up in the post-season.
Oh, I’d love some more lefties in the lineup, but this roster really doesn’t lend itself to such.

Now, why do we pitch inside in a tie game in extras with two outs and nobody on? Isn’t the common practice to stay away? We never seem to abide by that rule. Lopez made us pay to end a great Cards-Cubs game!

Does it really matter? Can’t there be the Miracle Cubs of 2010? Can’t the Cards run into a black cat? Can’t the Reds be invaded by a goat?

To Tyler Colvin: Let those down and in pitches go. Half at least will be balls. Yeah, you might be called out a time or two, but you’ll learn more by watching those pitches for awhile. Make them throw you strikes!

Starlin Castro’s talent is sometimes his curse. He has such good hand-eye coordination that he thinks he can hit anything. You know what? He’s just about right. However, making contact with a tough pitch is not the object. Looking for a better pitch and slamming it is better. A little more patience wouldn’t hurt, but Castro is improving both at the plate and in the field.

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