7/28 Lineup & Soto update

Lou Piniella is giving a few of the regulars a day off so Wednesday’s lineup is a little different. No Geovany Soto — he’s on the bench as a precautionary move to give his left foot another day to heal. He fouled a ball off his foot Monday night. Here goes:

2B Theriot

SS Castro

CF Colvin

3B Ramirez

LF Nady

RF Fukudome

1B Baker

C Hill

P Wells

— Carrie Muskat


Showcasing the AWESOME talents of Nady and Fukodome are we Jim? I guess showcasing Soriano didn’t draw any interest from the Tigers. Oh well, we can’t expect every team to have gullable GM’s.

I like moving Theriot back up in the lineup though he’s been so streaky this year. Why would you give Soriano, Lee, and Byrd all a day off at the same time?!?? Geez. Especially when Soto is already out. Packing a powerful lineup today. What the heck happed to Fontenot by the way? He was hitting around .300 when they brought up Castro and the dude just disappeared after that. Poor guy. Still saying Nady is the trade needs to happen. We do not need 5 outfielders with Byrd and Colvin (sometimes Sori) playing so well.

Should have given Aramis the day off too. That way our offensive would be completing depleted. Maybe Riot will hit another homer.

Not only has Fontenot not started since before the All-Star game, but Piniella has not spoken to him in over a month.
When he is sent in to pinch hit, it is by Jaramillo or Trammel.
People sitting by the Cubs dugout heard him saying terrible things to Fontenot towards the end of June. Piniella is trying to scapegoat him for the team’s poor performance, and is putting him is the worst possible situations – pinch hitting only. Four teams offered to trade for him in June, and were turned down. I guess Lou needs someone to bully, now that they are not trying to win.

Ricketts… do you care about this shambles? HOw vabout you get a grip before all the concession stands are running at a loss?

I would hope we all realize that the Ricketts can’t snap their fingers and make Soriano, Fukodome, Zambrano, Howry, Baker, Nady (need I go on?), their bad contracts and the inflated payroll go away but I think we all DO realize that what they CAN do is make the man who brought this team to it’s knees go away and by doing that it would show they truly mean business as opposed to welcoming yet another attempt by Hendry to re-invent the wheel. If Hendrywas such a good director of the farm system for such a long time prior to brutalizing the GM positon why then did it take so long for some kids (Soto, Colvin, Castro) to break the major league roster? Those kids might not even be Hendry’s responsabilites any way. This smacks of politics not baseball.

My gripe in this case is with the way that Fontenot is being treated. It serves nobody to have him sat on the bench. All season when given the chance he has outperformed Theriot who seems to have favourite son status despite his reluctance to work the count – how many times have we seen him feather a groundball into the infield! Fontenot when playing regularly was hitting around .300 and at least equalling Theriot defense.

No argument here hustle…pretty sad though we are down to Theriot vs. Fontenot…right? Might as well bring up Darwin Barney Fife (or is it Rubble?) and get him some time with Castro. The future is NOW.

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