8/2 Lineup vs Brewers

Blake DeWitt will make his Wrigley Field debut with the Cubs Monday night, weather permitting. There are showers in the forecast. Here’s the lineup vs. Milwaukee’s Yovani Gallardo:

RF Colvin

SS Castro

1B Lee

3B Ramirez

CF Byrd

LF Soriano

C Soto

2B DeWitt

P Wells

— Carrie Muskat



Another line up…..another butt ********. Im officially embarrassed to be a Cubs fan.

They’re making Gallardo look like Warren Spahn! What is with this team? Maybe they need Lou to step-down now. What would it hurt? He can do it gracefully…no harm, no foul. He’s done a good job, but this season is spiraling out of control.

Hmmm….Casey McGhee, Casey McGhee…why does that name sound familiar? Oh yeah, he’s the kid Hendry deemed of no value 2-3 years ago and cast off because he lacked a positon and we’ve got the un-staoppable Josh Vitters breathing down Ramirez’s neck so we got nothing for him? Did Hendry ever hear of a “back up” plan? It’s not like Hendry saved a ton of dough by letting McGhee go. He couldn’t have hung on to im him like he hangs on to other mid-level talent? McGhee and his .275+ average and 60+ RBI’s sounds pretty good at third or even first for next year? Just another embarrassing moment under the radar in Hendry’s stellar career as cheif talent evaluator. I wonder if the Ricketts even know McGhee was Cubs’ property at one time and ALWAYS displayed a potent bat during spring trainings??? Enough already with this “way of doing business” bring in a new GM.

I’m with you… Tommy Boy Ricketts are you listening…?

Get rid before Hendry completely destroys the Cubs…

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