8/4 Zambrano to start Monday

Carlos Zambrano will be back in the Cubs rotation Monday night, making his first start since June 25 against the Giants. Zambrano was demoted to the bullpen after he was activated from the restricted list last Friday. He has made two appearances since then, his longest a 53-pitch outing on Sunday. Lou Piniella said he expected Zambrano to be able to go at least 75 pitches Monday. In nine starts this year, including Opening Day, Zambrano was 3-5 with a 6.12 ERA.

— Carrie Muskat


I hope he loses the game on Monday and every other game he pitches as a Cub. They just couldn’t get rid of Zambrano instead of an up-standing guy like Lilly.

Even a devoutly anti-Hendry cynic like me can see that Zambrano is pretty much an immoveable object. Nobody is going to take on his contract while he is throwing pies.

What purpose does Carlos losing every game serve the Cubs…?

We have 2 hopes:

1. (the least likely) Carlos starts to pitch like the team ace that he can be with application and we have a good No.2 in next years rotation, with Dempster at 3, Gorzellany at 4 and Wells/Silva at 5.

2. He pitches well enough that another team sees him as a 3-4 starter in their rotation and take on 50% of his outstanding contract.

Your option sees us saddled with an unuseable pitcher who may as well be released along with $19m a year. Plain daft. I wholly emphathise with your frustration, but still plain daft.

He has it in him so let’s ghope we get option 1 or 2 so we don’t have to write off the next 2 seasons as well.

A little tinkering with the line-up – i.e. a big RBI first baseman batting at 3 and Ramirez down to 5 may just make us competitive next year…!


Combined with no-nonsense management who will bench non-performers would make next year interesting.

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