8/8 Lou: "I'm thinking about winning"

The Cubs are 1-for-15 with runners in scoring position and have stranded 18 in the first two games vs. the Reds. Overall, Chicago is batting .245 with RISP, 15th in the National League and ahead of only San Francisco.Told that Derrek Lee was hard on himself after the game, Lou Piniella said he shouldn’t be.

“Everybody’s trying here, and probably trying too hard,” Piniella said.  This is something that’s persisted for a long time and it has a little bit of a wearing-down effect on you.”

How is the manager holding up?

“It’s not easy on me either,” he said.

There are 51 games remaining in Piniella’s last season at the helm.

“I don’t think of those things,” he said. “I’m thinking about trying to win some games, that’s all I’m thinking about. This isn’t about me, this is about this team winning some baseball games and playing well and that’s all I care about. I haven’t thought about anything else but that, I’ll be honest with you.”

— Carrie Muskat


I am totally disgusted with this years team. They bring in a new hitting coach and these over-paid prima donna’s won’t listen to him or seek his advice. Hendry needs to bite the bullet and un-load the contracts of Soriano, Ramirez and Lee. This team needs an immediate up-grade on both offense and defense. I don’t think the fans are going to keep filling Wrigley to watch this display of inept baseball. Sorry about the rant but I can’t take anymore of this.


All Lou is thinking about is his next beer. What the hell is he still doing in the dugout? He needs to go home, NOW. I’m tired of hearing him say everyone is trying. If that is true, then it speaks to the lack of talent on this team including the Manager.. Hendry must follow Lou out the door.

Have the Cubs reached a point where this year’s play has now put in jeopardy next year’s fanbase ?

For example: I bought tickets in February for 8 games -went to three, passed on one and have four left. I will always go to 3 or 4 games no matter how bad, as I love the Cubs ! But, I will not buy tickets for 8 games of the 2011 season.

Am I alone in feeling that this team truly is not worth the price of admission.

a 54 year Cub fan

You are in no means alone. LOVE THE CUBS… HATE HENDRY seems to be true of many.

And as long as Tommy Boy and the rest of the Ricketts sit idly fiddling whilst Rome burns, the worse this malaise will become.

My advice is to buy tickets from Stubhub… the Ricketts’ have already received the monies from these sales so you are able to attend Wrigley without lining Tommy Boy’s pockets. Yes, this is not helping our situation, but are Tommy Boy or Hendry helping at present? This week we have another bout of Trammell while Lou deals with family matters… time to being up Sandberg and give him some on the job training. If there is no discernible change in the prima-donnas attitudes, we will know it is beyond Ryne. But it cannot be any worse than it is at present.

Lou may very well be senile or just tired…but maybe he meant “whining” and not “winning”?? The Hendry confidence meter has hit an all time low. I’m worried he’ll get his next version of Baylor/Baker/Pinella thinking any experienced major league manager with enough name recognition will be enough to turn things around instead of getting/developing quality players with talent and developing a manager FROM FRIGGIN’ WITHIN!!!!! If Hendry thinks Girardi is the man because he won with the Yankees then the RICKETSS should also think that the Yankees GM IS THE MAN AS WELL AND BRING HIM IN TO REPLACE HENDRY! ARRGHHHHHHH!!!! ENOUGH OF THE HENDRY ERA ALREADY!! The Chicago Cubs…saving face is job 1. (Saving the team would just be a coincedence)

I totally agree with “on the job training” for the next manager. I suggest we let Bob Brenly manage for 3 weeks…see what he can do. Let Sandberg have 3 weeks in September. His whole Iowa team will be in the majors anyway. I want to see what kind of energy these guys can bring. Beats being bored the last 2 months.

I don’t understand letting Hendry keep his job…

cubschick7, you don’t understand letting Hendry keep his job…???
Welcome to the club. Membership growing every second.

im glad the cubs have a good coach Lou p. but ill be sad that he will retire.. i would love to c before he leaves that he tells his team just to go out there an play its just a game an have fun.. i will be sad that he leaves but i hope we get another good coach

Cubs45689, please tell me your posting is made tongue in cheek…!

Many years ago, Lou probably was a good coach though his overall career winning percentage of .518 do not put him in good company – and way behind LaRussa, Cox and Torre. I won’t be sad when he leaves – infact I would gladly pay his cab-fare home now.

While a lot of this season’s debacle have resulted from Hendry’s decision to go into the season with an inexperienced bullpen, a lot are as a result of Piniella’s pig-headedness and absolute refusal to separate Lee and Ramirez and move them down to 6 and 8 in the order.

hustlelikereed, if you read cubs45689’s comment under the “Big Z: I apologize” headline I think you’ll completely understand how “knowledgeble and objective” a fan cubs45689 truly is. Amazing stuff.

The only way that such a comedy duo as Hendry and Piniella has allowed DPLee and Ramirez to remain in tandem is that Aramis or DP have photographs of either or all of Lou, Jim or Tommy Boy in compromising positions.

Even a manager with half a brain knows you don’t continue to pick slumping players back to back at 3 and 4 in the lineup.

As a result of Lou’s obstinacy Marlon’s RBI numbers are appalling for a player who until recently was up there with the NL leaders for extra base hits.

Despite the bullpen woes, with an extra 20-30RBIs from DP, Aramis and Byrd we would still be a lot closer to contending. Add in an extra 7-8 wins as a result of a competent post-foetal bullpen and we would be with 1-2games of the NL Central lead.

Jim and Lou will be appearing at Comedy Venues in San Francisco, St Louis and Chicago over the next few weeks… tune in for the best car crash TV since series 1-2 of the Office!

I am definitely disgusted with the team as is a lot of people, but do you know what makes me really disgusted…the Cub this year have LOST, 27 games by 1 run and 11 games by just 2 runs. So combine those games and you have 38…NOW if the Cubs would have just WON, half of those games which comes to 19…THEY WOULD BE IN FIRST PLACE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually think watching Jim & Lou doing the old Abbott and Costello “Who’s On First” routine would be pretty entertaining. In fact, I believe they owe it to all us fans to perform the routine live, at home plate prior to Lou’s last game as manager (whenever that may be…last game of the season? Or earlier?) If the Ricketts would schedule such an event all the people planning on not showing up would probably change their minds, making it a good day for concessions and vendors at least. The only problem is neither one comes accross at being smart enough to play the role of Abbott’s straight man!!! 🙂

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