8/10 One-run games

With Monday’s 4-3 loss to the Giants, the Cubs now have played 40 one-run games, most in the Majors. They are 13-27 in those games, and the 27 losses are the most in the Majors. The last time the Cubs played more one-run games was 2008, when they went 24-22 in 46 one-run contests.

— Carrie Muskat


And don’t forget if they WON just half of those games that they have lost….THEY WOULD ONLY A COUPLE GAMES OUT OF FIRST PLACE :_(

Lack of team speed has handicapped this team in all the one run losses, I’m not saying we would have won the majority but at least some. Which is why I’m completely baffled by some of Hendry’s players that just clog up the bench, the pipeline to the minor leagues AND the bases. Nady,his 3 million, his bad arm, his bad defense, his slow speed and his inability to help MANUFACTURE (or prevent one) a run in close ball games over Fuld HIS cheap salary, great speed, great defense, his ability to score a run from second base (if not first on a double), his ability to prevent a run with his all out catches…REALLY JIM? REALLY? I’m not Fuld’s #1 fan by a long shot, what I’m getting at is the UNNECCESSARY ALLOCATION OF PAYROLL FOR A ROLE PLAYER THAT ISN’T EVEN CAPABLE OF PLAYING A ROLE!!! Even if Fuld doesn’t achieve a great OBP when playing, he, as a pinch runner and defensive replacement ALONE would have been a wiser roster choice than Nady. Nady, REALLY JIM?? Do the Ricketts even know 3 milion was blown on yet another DH?

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