8/9 Roster moves – updated

Catcher Geovany Soto was placed on the disabled list because of a mild ligament sprain in his right shoulder and first baseman Derrek Lee placed on the bereavement list, the Cubs announced after Monday’s game. Lee left for Sacramento to be with his grandfather, who was ill. The Cubs will call up catcher Welington Castillo and first baseman Micah Hoffpauir from Triple-A Iowa to take their spots on the roster. They’re expected to join the team Tuesday.

— Carrie Muskat


Ms Muskat,
I have not seen you write anywhere that the 2010 Cubs are a bad team. Please correct me if I`m mistaken. In the interests of candor, that needs to be said. The roster needs to be blown up. Contracts like Sorry`s need to be eaten. A new Gm as well as manager need to be hired.
The worse the record, the more likely there will be a cleaning of house. Therefore, even though it is counter-intuitive for this 47 year fan, I am rooting for Cub losses in every game betwixt now to end of season.
I suspect you are fettered by what you can express due to your position. You are beholden to your employer, I reckon. That is a pity. I believe in complete openness.

I don’t think it’s a bad team, just an underachieving team. Watching Castro at SS, Byrd make diving catches in CF, Cashner when he strikes a guy out on a 98 mph fastball, that’s not bad. DeWitt was pretty impressive Monday night, right place nearly every time on defense. My job is to report what happens. It’s up to the readers to interpret as he/she wishes.

Although cash money on has echoed my sentiments I agree on the whole with you Carrie as it is not paramount that we disgruntled, dissapointed, angry and by the looks of the comment by cash money on…SOUTHERN fans (I reckon) get YOU to publish in writing how WE feel. You may very well think this team is a “not bad” team and report as such.
Although with comments like “not bad” it leaves at least me still reading “betwixt” the lines.🙂 I hope that “not bad” is also “not acceptable” to the Ricketts and there may be some slight chance that they do indeed change their mind about Hendry who hasn’t even improved to “not bad”.

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