8/12 Good effort, bad execution

The Cubs may have lost Thursday’s game to the Giants in the ninth but the fifth inning was more costly. Aaron Rowand was safe on a throwing error by third baseman Jeff Baker and then stole second, sliding under a missed tag by Starlin Castro who dropped the ball.

“[Pat] Burrell was key for them in this series,” acting Cubs manager Alan Trammell said. “But you cannot give Major League teams extra out. Can’t make a play — can’t make two plays, to be honest.”

One out later, Randy Wells walked two batters to load the bases for Burrell’s grand slam, his 10th homer of the season. It’s the first time Wells has given up three homers in one game.

The problem wasn’t mechanical but mental.

“It’s just a bad game,” Wells said. “Poorly executed and no feeling sorry for yourself. Cut and dry, it’s pitiful.

“I can’t keep putting the team in a hole like that,” he said. “It’s not professional, it’s not acceptable. Just chalk it up to a bad day and move on.”

Trammell turns the Cubs back over to Lou Piniella on Friday when he joins the team in St. Louis to start a three-game series. Since Piniella’s been gone, the Cubs have traded Fontenot and added Micah Hoffpauir plus rookies Marcos Mateo, Welington Castillo and Darwin Barney this week. Barney is the 11th rookie on the 25-man roster and entered as a defensive sub in the ninth.

“I’ll be very glad to see [Piniella],” Trammell said. “He feels like we’re in good hands. Obviously, we haven’t done that well but I think he’s comfortable knowing we did our best and we did.

“The effort level is there,” he said, “but we have to clean some things up. It’s more than just talking — we’ve talked about it. Guys have to go out there and do it. For some reason, this year in particular, we’ve had more than our share of mistakes that have come back to cost us.”

— Carrie Muskat



A few weeks ago you cited Larry Rothschild as being the aiding factor in Wells’ superb rookie year. And a major plus in Ted’s big year.

This year Wells has not just regressed, but actually bombed.

Similarly Andrew Cashner when called up was the next great hope – he is now 1-5 with an ERA over 5.5. I realise that teams will now have scouted him and know what to expect, but with Larryworking with him every day should he not be better than his stats are suggesting?

Gorzellany for all his plusses as a No.4/5 in the rotation is prone to brain fry in the first innings.

Silva after a good start would struggle to hit a pig with a banjo.

Surely under the tutelage of such a “well respected” pitching coach you would expect pitchers to get progress not regress?

Larry has survived thhe last 2 changes of management… surely it is now time he went out to grass!

I agree that there isn’t enough evidence during Rothschild’s tenure that he should be elevated to status of must have “guru”. None of the young guns the Cubs brought up showed much longevity or staying power let alone ACE stuff. How does one explain Zambrano’s BRIEF ride of excellence and longer downside? Injury? Then was every can’t miss young gun injury prone absolving Rothschild? What about Samardja and now Cashner? Give us fans some fresh faces with new approaches from the GM to the bench coach. Ricketts, if you’re hands are tied with player personel because of the awful job your golden boy Hendry has done then at least show some baseballs by replacing the entire coaching staff when getting the new manager. Soemthing that shows some innitiative would go a long way and be a forgivable sin should ALL the new hires bomb because after all, us fans called for the major change. What don’t you get???

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