8/12 Part-time job

Kosuke Fukudome batted third on Thursday for the first time this season. Acting manager Alan Trammell wanted to break up the lefties in the Cubs lineup against Matt Cain. Fukudome hit third last season in 32 games, and batted .259. The outfielder has lost his starting job to Tyler Colvin but entered the game riding a five-game hitting streak.

“I don’t think anybody wants to accept [a part time role] but he sees it and to his credit he goes about his business and he’s ready,” Trammell said. “I’m sure he’s not happy about it but he’s professional and he’s ready to go. I’m sure Lou [Piniella] is aware of that and how much playing time he gets from here on out, I can’t tell you. I do have him in there today. He’s earned that and we’ll see where it goes.”

— Carrie Muskat


how come no cubs pitchers are listed in rookie tracker ?

So he is earning over $10m a year and the coaches actually care what he feels about. The sooner the players realise that they are spokes in the Cubs wheel the better rather than being treated as overpaid prima-donnas.

They are paid. When they play well, they should play; when they don’t, they don’t.

Unless they are called Mike Fontenot…

Ahhh…dreaming of Utopia, where all of us regardless of race, creed, color or lack of baseball prowess can all share the good fortune of never worrying about making a living, financial security for genrations to come or even being fired for underperforming on the job. Poor Fukodome, cue the violins…or should they be kept in reserve for poor Jim Hendry if and when his role is reduced to part time due to poor job performance? Speaking of which, Casey McGhee, four hits last night, good thing Hendry saw the huge upside in keeping him for either 3rd base or first base. Wouldn’t the Cubs’ future look at least a little brighter knowing they have a young, solid hitter that is at least servicable at either infield corner with Ramirez and Lee both nearing the end of their worth? But Hendry thought McGhee lacked the DEFENSIVE SKILLS needed to play ithe hot corner??? What about 1B Jim?? Who thinks their corner infielders will last forever? Defensive skills don’t matter with Soriano? Nady? Baker? Bradley? I guess not when you pay veterans MILLIONS of dollars. Let’s pay Nady 3 million to come back and play 1B next year because Jimbo cast off a good, young, viable, inexpensive prospect?? Wonderful job.

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