8/16 Cubs sign 4 Draft picks

The Cubs agreed to terms with four more of their First-Year Player Draft picks by Monday’s 11 p.m. CT deadline, including seventh-round pick Benjamin Wells and ninth-round selection Kevin Rhoderick.

In total, the Cubs agreed to terms with 15 of their first 16 picks. The only exception was outfielder Ivan DeJesus of Cupeyville (Puerto Rico) High School, who is no relation to Cubs first base coach Ivan DeJesus.

Wells, a right-handed pitcher out of Bryant High School in Arkansas, and Rhoderick, a right-handed pitcher from Oregon State University, were the last to sign among the top 10 picks.

Besides Wells and Rhoderick, the other Draft picks who agreed to terms Monday include left-handed pitcher Casey Harman, selected in the 29th round out of Clemson University, and left-handed pitcher Brian Smith, a 40th-round pick out of St. Mary’s Catholic (Ontario).

The Cubs agreed to terms with 29 of their first 50 selections, including 21 of their first 25 selections.

Chicago selected right-hander Hayden Simpson of Southern Arkansas in the first round, but he has been unable to play in the Minor Leagues this year after a bout with mononucleosis.

— Carrie Muskat


Very disappointing! Ricketts said he wants to run this org. like the Boston Red Sox.. but yet spent a liitle more in signing bonuses than the Red Sox did on 1 draft pick! Ricketts is the Chicago Tribune in disquise… it is becoming very apparent. I wonder what the deal breaker on DeJesus was, $10? Wouldn’t surprise me.

The Cubs spent about $3.5MM on signing bonuses.. Boston spent over $11MM. Way to go on running the Cubs like the Red Sox. I can tell the plan is up and running!

Carrie… I think it is about time that the Ricketts be called out and made to eat his words. Like the Tribune.. he seems to be playing the Cubs fans for fools!

Maybe this is just another example of how Hendry tied the hands of the entire organization by ill-advisedly committing over 240 million dollars on just three mediocre players in Sorryohno, Rantbrano and Fooladumby and now the lack of funds is becoming apparent when trying to sign draft picks. It’s always easy for us fans to spend the owners’ money in ways WE think would improve the club but when you think about how Hendry has spent the owners’ money the Ricketts might be better off if us fans WERE making the decisons about payroll, free agents and draft pick bonuses.

Some of the following is from FOX MLB Network:

McGehee continued his hot August streak, going 15-for-30 (.500) for the week with three homers and 10 RBI and carrying a nine-game hitting streak into Sunday. He had back-to-back 4-for-4 games vs. the Diamondbacks with a homer in each of those games.

AVG .286 HR 18 RBI 75 RUNS 52

And he was CAST OFF BY HENDRY. Was McGhee such a total waste of cheap payroll down in the minor leagues and blocking the path of ALL the great third base prospects that Hendry HAD to let him go??? Idiot. Look what the attentive Brewers GM picked up off waivers and all this production in 2010 for about $800,00.00. Hendry, to his credit is still doing a great job improving the major league roster….FOR THE COMPETITION. Ricketts…are you awake?

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