8/17 Harry makes room for Billy

Harry Caray is being moved to where he belongs.

The bronze statue of the legendary Cubs broadcaster, now positioned at the corner of Addison and Sheffield streets outside Wrigley Field, will be moved closer to the bleachers at Sheffield and Waveland avenues. Caray, who died in February 1998, often conducted his broadcasts from the sun-drenched bleachers.

The Cubs are finalizing details regarding a possible re-dedication ceremony for Caray’s family, which would be held sometime during the next homestand that begins Aug. 30. The Harry Caray statue was dedicated on April 10, 1998, outside Wrigley Field’s Gate D.

The Cubs are making the move to make room for a new statue of Hall of Fame outfielder Billy Williams at Addison and Sheffield streets, which will be unveiled Sept. 7. His statue was being sculpted by Lou Cella from the Rotblatt-Amrany Fine Art Studio, who also did Caray’s statue as well as the Ernie Banks’ bronze at the corner of Clark and Addison streets, outside of Wrigley’s main entrance.Plus, Williams’ No. 26 flag flies from the right field foul pole, so the statue will be closer to it.

— Carrie Muskat


I just want to know if anyone is going to ever make room for Jack Brickhouse. I grew up listening to Jack, he was the broadcaster for the Cubs for over 30 years, yet everyone seems to act like Harry Caray was the only one who ever broadcast the Cubs. Harry Caray was the White Sox broadcaster. I was upset when the Cubs hired him. Jack didn’t have a “partner” to keep him “interesting” during the game. He did it all himself, and during a time when the Cubs were basically a last place team. When there were no divisions, only National League and American League. I hate the way the Cubs organization has pushed him into the background and all you ever hear is, Harry Caray, Harry Caray. For a fan for over 55 years, it stinks.

I to grew up a J. Brickhouse fan .I also believe Jack should be regarted as the number 1 BC OF CUBS GAMES .He called all of Mr C UB ERNIE BANKS HOMERUN HIS HEY HEY IS MORE FAMOUS WITH OLD CUB FAN THAN HARRY HOLY COW SO WILL THEY EVER GIVE JACK HIS DUE

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