8/18 Future bright for Castro

Starlin Castro made a nice defensive play to end the first inning Wednesday, but he also made his 18th error on Tuesday night.

“Castro is 20 years old and he’s learning on the job at the big league level, which is not the easiest thing in the world,” Lou Piniella said Wednesday. “You’ve got to like the things this kid has done. He’s handled it well, he’s worked at it, and he’s very approachable. The kid is going to be a really good ballplayer. Just have some patience with him.”

Castro has 326 at-bats this season with the Cubs. He began the year with 886 at-bats in the Minors, and never played at the Triple-A level.

“I came to the big leagues and I had six full seasons in the Minor Leagues and 3,000 at-bats,” Piniella said. “That’s not the case here. Shortstop is a demanding position to play, and it’s probably the toughest place on the field to play. I think he’s handled it well. Has he made some rookie mistakes? Yes. Will he continue to make rookie mistakes? Probably so. But at the same time, let’s look at the whole picture and the whole picture is a pretty one.”

— Carrie Muskat


You gotta wonder how bright Casey McGhee’s future is now that first base and or third base may open up..oh wait, Hendry gave his future to the Brewers.

haha give it up man…


Casey McGhee? Ya they should have held on to him for 4 years so he could have developed with the Cubs into a mediocre player. That would be awesome

betricky, if the last two seasons McGhee had with the Brewers were mediocre then what does that make this season from Ramirez or Lee?? Pathetic? Both Lee and Ramirez had a decent 2009 season but to think a young player like McGhee can be cast off by one GM then become at the very least a productive player (mediocre my *&@) if not challenge for rookie of the year and a player of the week (THAT’s mediocre?) for another team tells you how bad a judge of talent Hendry is. Any other GM would have seen the economical value in keeping McGhee on the roster especially when your third baseman and first baseman begin to show signs of aging, injuries and you just traded your most valuable “plan B” at third AND first base in Mark DeRosa.
Mediocre? You’re kidding right? Have you even looked at his 2009 and 2010 stats? He’s not the next coming of Mike Schmidt but certainly would be a better run producer than any Cub on the current roster, not to mention he would have stopped the revolving door at 3b when Ramirez was injured last year AND this year or now take over at first hands down over Nady (the 3 MILLION DOLLAR MAN) or Haffpauir. Mediocre, that’s crazy talk, school of Jim Hendry worthy. Hendry’s holding on to Soriano for 8 YEARS and he’s developing into a less than mediocre player only at the cost of 130 million. Crazy.

That would be the same Jim Hendry who didn’t spot the talent in:

Josh Hamilton
David Aardsma
Omar Infante
Ricky Nolasco

… to name but a few…


Joe Girardi as a Manager…

Of course this pillar of how a GM should be should be given the chance to rebuild his self-made shambles… NOT.

So….maybe betricky did have another Casey McGhee in mind? Ya, right. Hustlelikereed sets yet another wayard “fan” straight, nice job coming up with all those other “mediocre” players that were not worthy of a Cub future according to Hendry. Perfect, thanks. Josh Hamilton had “issues”, duh, but Bradley did not??? Genius.

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