8/19 Big Z update

Since returning to the rotation on Aug. 9, Carlos Zambrano is 1-0 with a 2.70 ERA, giving up five earned runs over 16 2/3 innings. But he’s also walked 15 and given up 15 hits. Lou Piniella saw lots of positives.

“He’s got real good movement and he’s throwing a few more breaking balls and he’s using his split finger and a cut fastball,” Piniella said. “Basically, I think the velocity will come. One run over six innings, you can’t fault that at all. It was a good performance. If he gets his command a little early, he can go much deeper in the game.”

Said catcher Koyie Hill: “I thought he did a good job getting through six innings and had a chance to win. We’re facing one of the best pitchers in the National League and you go out there and give six innings — you’d classify that as effectively wild, but he didn’t get hurt and did a good job and had a chance to win the ballgame and we were winning the ballgame.”

Friday will be a special day for Big Z. He called it his “birthday in the big leagues.” On Aug. 20, 2001, Zambrano made his Major League debut in the second game of a doubleheader against the Brewers. Now, he’s the longest-tenured Cubs player.

“Whatever the team thinks is good for the team and we need for the team to be better and in a good position for next year is good for me,” he said when asked about the Derrek Lee trade.

What does Zambrano want to do?

“I don’t want to leave and I don’t think I will leave,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


I like the moves management has made in moving dead weight in theriot, fontenot, and lee. Also getting something for Lilly before he leaves. I have a feeling they will take a shot at Cliff Lee which would give us Lee, Zambrano, and Dempster at the top of the rotation with plenty of options to fill the other two sports. However, the real test would be aquiring a leadoff off hitter in the off season.

I’m with you on the moves – if only to get anything from a season lost in incompetence and insignificance.

I fear though that the addition of Cliff Lee – and Adam Dunn – are pipe dreams. I’d be happy to have Ted Lilly back but he is doing so well in LA that he is pricing us out of that move.

Colvin isn’t the answer at 1B next year unless we are saying we are going to rebuild for 1-2years.

Really, Tommy Boy Ricketts needs to get off his rear end and let the dwindling Cubs faithful know what his long term plans are before he burns too many bridges. At the start of the year he wanted to be as one with the fans. Since things started to go wrong his silence has unfortunately been deafening.

yeah Ricketts is not doing anything right now and it makes me wonder if this is the path of the Cubs for the next 100 years… come on man we gotta start thinking about acquiring a big name or two… leadoff man would be amazing… an ACE would be amazing…. If those two piece of the puzzle were acquired we would/should be a .500 team at least hahahaha… who knows man but something has to be done NOW this is crunch time…

The future is brighter than you let on. The recent salary-dump moves have further strengthened our already top-5 farm system and provide payroll flexibility this coming offseason. While there may not be enough money to get Cliff Lee, since the Yankees and Rangers are in on him, there will be enough to get Adam Dunn and probably Ted Lilly back.

I would be extremely disappointed to see Colvin as the opening day first baseman next year. It’s a waste of his outfield talent. If our rookies have the seasons they should and the veterans continue to produce (and we sign Dunn), our starting lineup is formidable: DeWitt, Castro, Ramirez, Dunn, Byrd, Soriano, Colvin, Soto. I put DeWitt as leadoff but you could switch him with Castro. DeWitt has shown decent on-base skills in the past and that’s what really matters for a leadoff man.

Knock on wood but I think DeWitt’s due for a mammoth breakout season next year.

i would love dunn but you guys already complain about Sorianos defense just think what is going to happen when Dunn doesn’t hit and we jump all over him…. lol… granted he will be playing first and not outfield but I can see the posts already… LARD *** DUNN GET OVER AND FIELD THE GROUNDER!!!!! hahaha…. i hope we get him but it won’t happen… I don’t see us getting ANY big names this off season… I see us dumping another big name or two such as ramirez or fukudome… which we will have to pay most of it and rely on farm system help… i hope ur right about DeWitt

Gosh…I agree completely with petrey10!!!! However, 1B is usually where defensive liablilties are perceived to be the least harmful, uh, uh. Explain that to the third basemen. 1B defense is becoming more and more vital to contending clubs. Can one imagine the last seven years with somebody with less defensive skills than Lee? Next year will be very interesting, hard to follow Lee’s defense. The Cubs have been fortunate with their defense at 1B over that last few decades.

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