8/19 Fuld to join Cubs

Outfielder Sam Fuld joins the Cubs on Thursday, not Micah Hoffpauir because of a technicality. Hoffpauir was with the Cubs in San Francisco last Thursday to take Derrek Lee’s spot on the roster when Lee was on the bereavement list. Hoffpauir has to be in the Minors at least 10 days before he can be called back — unless Lee had been hurt. That means, the earliest Hoffpauir could join the Cubs is Monday in Washington against the Nationals.

— Carrie Muskat


Fuld should have been on this team from day one, less money, more useful than Nady. Then money saved could have been put toward other needs. This team did not need another DH, let alone a re-habbing one at that. Fuld is a great back up outfileder, one that was truly needed for a team that has Soriano in left, and no true back up centerfielder to back up Byrd who does an outstanding job in center but has to play much more than he should without rest. Fuld, just in time for a play-off run. Brilliant job Jim.

I know Nady hasn’t done that great this year but I still think he would be/is better than Fuld… Fuld has been up and down a couple times and has shown quick flashes of a good player but then more often then not he is just not up to par with MLB players… At least Nady can drive the ball and get some runs across… We got rid of one **** already (Lee) we jsut need to keep cleaning house… hendry…. fukudome… ramirez… I would keep soriano but most won’t… soto… zambrano… We need an ACE not 5 pitchers that are good starter we need a freaking ACE… someone that can lead that young group!!! A manager that can motivate and get in someones face when they need it (Pinella in has done this the past 2 years but somethings different this year)… I would love to see Giradi here but that won’t happen… I don’t think Sandberg will cut it but thats who the cubs will pick and we will suck for the next 5 years… wish we could even get an owner to grow a pair and start reshaping their organization like red sox, yankees, etc have done… Not that hard guys find the talent then pay them… then find someone who can manage them…

petrey, never did I promote Fuld as a run producer, just a better fit for a team needing a defensive replacement outfielder, pinch runner capable of stealing a base. I don’t get how a not doing so great Nady at 3 million was a better choice for a role player especially considering his post surgery re-hab which should have indicated in advance that he would have a “not so great” year. Fulds’s defense and base running were never quick flashes but ALL AROUND CONSISTENT ABILITY. From a GM’s perspective and all the money considered, a part timer that drives the ball and gets SOME (some? how about FEW???) runs across does not fall in the 3 million dollar market. A little more than a minimum salary and we wouldn’t be debating this, but a 3 million dollar, part-time, defensively below average player with a re-habbing arm and no solid positon to play… THAT’s how you want your GM spending your money when other areas (bullpen) are screaming for improvement? You can have Nady and you may very well get him next year if Hendry thinks he “deserves” to play 1B full time for the Cubs.

Fuld is a leadoff hitter, he is supposed to get on base, steal bases and score runs…he is not supposed to drive in runs…not sure what about his career/when he has “not been up to par” with major league players…last year he was their best outfielder, and had an obp of 400 and a batting average of 300…not sure what is not up to par there…

cccuuubbb, couldn’t agree more. Don’t know which Sam Fuld petrey10 is talking about but he can’t be the same Sam Fuld we saw the past few years, catching everything in sigt even while slamming his face in a chain link fence. He’s not an RBI guy but would have been more helpful if Hendry was interested in WINNING games instead of loading up the roster with one dimensional “hitters” such as Nady. Somebody HAS to remind Hendry this is the NL so this broken record does not continue into next season. Honestly, where did Hendry think Nady’s AB’s were going to come from this season with Soriano in LF, Byrd in CF, Lee at 1B? That leaves right field and Nady never had the arm to play right field (aside from Colvin stepping up as well) so that left us with a pinch hitter at best vs. Fuld who could have seen action in a variety of ways and roles such as pinch hitter, defensive replacement for Soriano, spelling Byrd in CF for entire games, late inning pinch runner…none of those attributes you get from Nady and his 3 mil.

if we look at it back at the beginning of the season Nady had more upside potential and was worth a shot more than Fuld was. We didn’t know at that time Colvin was going to absolutely be a stud… same with Castro but he isn’t in this argument… Nady was a great bat to have on the bench incase D Lee got hurt again or if Colvin or Fukudome couldn’t hit… granted now Colvin is amazing and we got too many OF but at the beginning of the season Nady was a good pick and worth the risk… NOW we all just want to see what we got in the minors and I understand you wanting Fuld but where do you want to play him? OF he takes away either Byrd, Colvin, or Sorianos start… Ok i know you guys think Soriano is the worth outfielder known to man but runners respect his arm… do they respect Fulds? Sure Soriano has a lot of dump errors but can anyone else on the team hit 19HR and 60 RBI so far? NOPE! Whether you guys want to admit it or not we need Soriano… now if he starts getting lazy and crap again I would like to rip his head off like anyone else but we need him! Fuld will never do that for us and sure he should get his shot now and we will part ways with Nady after the season but don’t sit there and act like you knew Nady was going to suck like this before the season… Nady wasn’t put on the team to be a starter he was here to backup whoever went down and then still power 3,4,5 power… get over it and give Hendry credit where credit is due… even tho he needs to be canned and give Maddux the job but that is another argument I am playing devils advocate here while you guys find every little thing to ***** about

“Ok i know you guys think Soriano is the worth outfielder known to man but runners respect his arm… do they respect Fulds….” hahah, soriano can barely catch, need to catch before you can throw, and i think fuld led the organization last year in assists…FYI

Uhhh…yeah, most of us did know Nady was going to suck because he was never known to be a good defensive outfileder to begin with, he hasn’t played in a year, he was recovering from ARM SURGERY for crying out loud, all that adds up to a better chance of him sucking than succeeding. Back up whoever went down? Who would that be in HIS post surgery condition? Only Derek Lee as he could barely out play Soriano in the outfield and as we all know except maybe for petrey10Hendry and Jim Hendry himself, there is no DH in the NL to be a back up for…geez. Laughable. Enough already. Nady a good pick…he wasn’t a “pick” he was a 3 million dollar typical Jim Hendry free agent. By calling Nady a good pick and worth the risk you insult Byrd who was a good if not great atypical Hendry free agent signing. Athletic, talented, healthy…THAT’s where I’ll give Hendry credit but Nady? Crazy man, crazy.

by the way Fuld had one freaking Assist in 09…. only started 22 games so I don’t think he led anything… anybody could hit 299 in 22 games… give it up if Fuld is that good and fast he would have stolen more than 2 bases… agree to disagree joey guess you never give anybody a second chance… Nady was a good pickup for my stated reasons whether you want to admit it or not… he filled Hoffs role better than he did plain and simple……

Fuld as a part time role player, what is there not to get???
Duh, given up.

petrey10, by making any positive comment about sorianos fielding abilities you completely discredited yourself, maybe 10 in the screen name is representing your age, which would make your comments more understandable

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