8/19 What happened in the 7th

This was just too weird. The Cubs had a 2-1 lead going into the Padres seventh on Thursday. Sean Marshall had taken over for Carlos Zambrano and walked Miguel Tejada, then gave up three straight singles, including a RBI single by Ryan Ludwick, which tied the game. Chris Headley singled and one out later, Will Venable hit a two-run single to chase Marshall.

Then it got bizarre. Denorfia bounced a grounder to Aramis Ramirez at third, and he threw to catcher Koyie Hill, who chased Headley back and tagged him. Venable had scampered to third on the rundown. As Hill walked away, he appeared to have called time. But the umpires didn’t think so. No one was covering at home and Venable scored on what was ruled a fielder’s choice.

“You have to put your arms up to stop play,” Lou Piniella said. “[Hill] put his wrist up and the umpire didn’t acknowledge it. You’ve got to get your hands up and make sure the umpires know it’s ‘time out.'”

Padres third base coach Glenn Hoffman told Venable he had a window.

“I noticed it,” Venable said, “but it wasn’t until [Hoffman] nonchalantly came over and confirmed it. It ended up being a closer play at the plate than I thought. It was a great heads-up call by Hoffy.”

First baseman Xavier Nady recognized what was happening and tried to cover home.

“I was trying — he’s a lot faster than I am,” Nady said of Venable. “I didn’t know what was going on. I bolted and it wasn’t quite enough.”

Hill said he made the same gesture he usually does.

“I think in that situation I need to be more emphatic about it just to make sure because you’ve got guys scattered all over the field,” Hill said. “Credit [Nady] for getting to home plate because he’s holding a guy on and he has to stay put at first.”

Hill’s plan was to call time, then go to the mound to check on pitcher Justin Berg.

“What’s frustrating is it wasn’t a lack of concentration or just cluelessness,” Hill said. “It just happened. I felt I asked for time with the same gesture I always use.”

— Carrie Muskat


In one innings, this speaks volumes of why C’lou’less Lou should be sat in his boat off Tampa rather than steering the Titanic further into the path of the iceberg.

We are now basically a team of rookies who need good example, hard work and concentration.

For heavens sake bring up Sandberg now before the ship is damaged beyond repair.

The concentration levels have gone and Hill, Nady and Baker need to be released; new energy injected by Ryne and next years good habits formed now.

The only thing the rookies will learn from Lou, Larry and the rest of the keystone veterans is bad habits. With the exception of Marshall, Marmol, Marlon and Demp this ship needs a burial at sea – before the stench of failure overpowers the rookies.

dude I don’t want an unproven manager next year… we need a Joe Girardi type guy… is Ryne that guy?? IDK but I am going to bet that he isn’t… Girardi even said he would be interested in this job come next year so I think we should try to get him as much as possible we could get rid of about everyone on the team and I could care less as long as Hendry is one of them… I want Maddux as the GM and Girardi managing the team…. If Sandberg wants to come up and be bench coach thats fine but there are better options

Which is exactly why Sandberg should be up now… if he proves himself in the short-term – and especially being as he has coached most of the rookies coming through – give him the job.

We need energy now… not dementia.

The chances of Girardi coming are minimal. He looked good in Florida, but anybody could handle his armchair ride with the Yankees payroll… his handling of AJ Burnett scares when he clearly needs to be benched / optioned to AAA to regain his confidence. Imagine Girardi’s ability to manage what will still be a poor rotation and bullpen. The only way I could go with Girardi was if Maddux dropped down as pitching coach or if we could get Dave Duncan who has worked miracles with underperforming / broken pitchers in St Louis (though obviously having Wainwright and Carpenter on your staff helps).

And the other options being lined up hardly inspire awe – Gonzalez bombed in Florida and Valentine helped run the Mets into the ground.

So we are left with Sandberg or divine intervention…!

DUDE, where have experienced managers gotten this team so far? Let Sandberg gain ML experience the same time the team gains it…sooner or later people START before they are experienced. Where’s Maddux’s experience as a GM? That doesn’t matter because a GM is only responsable for the entire roster your “must have experience” field manager is going to oversee? Pinella’s experienced, Hendry is experienced WITH FALIURE…Bring on the inexperienced managers and GM’s and let them run with it for a while. Hustlelikereed is right, it’s Ryno or God??? Time to promote from within for a change.

maddux is actualy the assistant gm or something like that now isn’t he? IDK i coudl be wrong but I know he knows the game better than most and he can find talent… man i wish he would get the job… even if he didn’t want it i wish there was a way to force him to🙂

We could go a long way up in a short space of time considering Kevin Towers for the GM role. He put in place this years San Diego success on a shoestring 0- before being discarded before hios work had come to fruition… and is very good at finding cheap pitching talent discarded by others – something we will need to rebuild our rotation.

Towers and Maddux working together anyone…?

Isn’t Gary Hughes (am I getting the name right?) the assistant GM? Maddux is “an assistant to the GM”. However you slice it and dice it, expereinced or not I’m all for Maddux BEING the GM becauses #1 he is NOT Jim Hendry, #2 he has shown intelligence on and off the field. As far as Towers and Maddux? Sure, but Anybody Not Jim Hendry and Anybody Not Jim Hendry would be a step up too. Why was Towers discarded? Because of nothing to show on the major league field…until now? And yet Hendry is not discarded for showing LESS than nothing on the major league field? Baseball is a strange world, all the stars have to align and the right owners have to be in place, neither of which seem to be happening at this point in time for the Cubs.

Towers was fired because “it didn’t happen quick enough”… but he was working on less than half of Hendry’s budget… the low ERAs and bullpen at San Diego are down to Towers’ hardwork.


If Tommy Boy is going to lower his spend we need a competent GM capable of getting bang for his bucks… not throwing out no-trade clauses like confetti!

Confetti?? Ned Confetti? Isn’t he the GM for the Dodgers? Formely of the Cubs??? Who’s on first? What’s on second…Hendry’s out the door. Bring on Towers then.

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