8/22 Lou's last lineup

Lou Piniella will take the lineup card out one more time Sunday, his last game in a Cubs uniform. He is retiring to go home and take care of his mother in Tampa. Here’s the lineup:

2B Barney
SS Castro
CF Byrd
3B Ramirez
LF Soriano
RF Baker
1B Nady
C Hill
P Wells

— Carrie Muskat


Another line-up that highlights Hendry’s ability to spot talent…

We have a lead-off guy who didn’t exactly set AAA on fire and the Braves lead-off man a 2B went 4-6 with 2 homers… and big Jim traded him to the Braves for a reliever that did precisely zip for us…

Way to go Jim… how bad does a GM / CEO have to before he is fired?

Exactly hustlelikereed, I remember when Hendry acquired Infante thinking what a nice move on his part…how long was he a Cub? One week? I don’t think he even put on a Cubs jersey, did he? I should have known better and given it a few days to let Hendry screw up one of his rare good moves and sure enough he did. But to answer your question we are finding out that at least with the Ricketts’ Cubs organization you might have to be indicted for treason in order to be considered bad enough to be fired?? Maybe when Blago gets out of jail the Ricketts will hire him as the next GM….hmmm…can’t be worse than Hendry who has gone on record saying Quade will get serious consideration for next year’s manager positon…this is what we have to look forward to from Hendry just more mind boggling, idiotic statements like that trying to fool us lower life forms into thinking HE knows what he’s doing…right Jim, we all believe Quade is going to be a serious candidate. He is becoming more inept then some of us could have ever imagined, when will it stop?

I can’t believe we would even seriously consider him…. unreal… I don’t even want Sandberg to manage them next year let alone Quade… haha thats just classic Cubs… I am seriously thinking about not watching them next year the way these comments keep flying around

Oh my God, this IS serious. Oh My God.

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