8/23 Colvin at first

When new Cubs manager Mike Quade makes out his lineup Monday night, expect to see Tyler Colvin at first base. Colvin has practiced there since the Cubs dealt Derrek Lee to the Braves on Wednesday. Colvin hasn’t played first since his sophomore year at Clemson, and that was only part time. But infield coach Alan Trammell has been encouraged and Colvin says he feels comfortable there.

— Carrie Muskat


I love this. These are basically instructional league games the rest of the way anyway so might as well see if he can field the position. It will give us flexibility going into free agency if he does well.

im glad to see this too but I am not getting my hopes up for anything during free agency… I don’t see the Cubs wanting to spend the money it is going to take to rebuild this team AGAIN… they have to eat some big time contracts just to get rid of some guys like Fukudome! I wish someone would take him off our hands but its going to be so hard…

We’ll see. There’s about $41M coming off the budget for next year with the departures of Lee, Lilly, Nady, Theriot, etc. Plus, Chad Tracy, Aaron Miles and Luis Vizcaino are coming off the books. Aramis’ salary will be $2.1M less (assuming he picks up his option) and I already took into account the raises Dempster, Byrd, Grabow, Fukudome, etc.

Marmol and Soto will likely receive healthy raises. So even if that only leaves $30M. Even if the payroll isn’t quite as high next year (I don’t know, new owner so we’ll see) there should be some money to play with. Especially if Zambrano is moved for usable players and a bit of salary relief.

If they do spend $30M that should be enough to bring in Cliff Lee and Adam Dunn if those players were interested and the Cubs were so inclined. This would be a heck of a team basically replacing Lilly with C. Lee and D. Lee with Dunn. Plus, Guzman and Caridad will return to help solidify the bullpen.

We’ll see, but there should be some options for the team going forward though.


What happened to Colvin playing first? Hopefully it was just temporarily delayed.

Colvin told me that he was starting at first in the Nationals series but Quade and the coaches decided to wait. I’m guessing (I’m not in DC but will rejoin in Cincy) they’d rather let him have more time and not be rushed.

This is typical of Hendry’s feeble attempt at PLANNING a roster. He endorses Colvin moving to first thereby eliminating the acquisiton of an outside run producing first baseaman such as Adam Dunn and creating a need for a run producing, preferably left handed hitting right fielder (we’ve seen Hendry screw the outfield up year after year) to take over for Hendry’s previous feeble attempt at just that (Fukodome). The Cubs already HAVE a left handed right fielder that has run producing capabilities in Colvin but because of the lack of planning at first base (in case Lee doesn’t play until he’s 50, duh Jim) that RIGHT FIELDER is now being considered for first base. If they do move Colvin to first base they might as well move Byrd to right field and go after a speedy LEAD-OFF man to play center. Hendry will probably just perform the same sond and dance routine and just go after anybody that can HIT regardless of the team’s blatant need for a lead man. Now that 2B is occupied by DeWitt that leaves only an outfield spot open for the much needed lead-off man. If Hendry is going to do just as I sugest and move Byrd to right and get that lead-off man in center field, then moving Colvin to first base is a legit and justified move. If he gets yet another plodding outfielder that can’t lead off then he is as lame as some of us think.

Carrie: Thanks for the information.

Joey: I like trying him at 1st because, as you said, it gives the Cubs some flexibility. Carl Crawford isn’t currently leading off but has the ability to. Cocco Crisp might be a free agent as well. We’ll see what happens.

ottermax, it’s not the worst thing to do, other players have moved to first base but usually to prolong a career. It’s just kind of negligent on Hendry’s part to be in a situation that you are forced to think about moving a player that is already good in one position to cover a glaring need elsewhere. Like I said, Hendry either has to get a thumper first baseman if Colvin remains in right or get another outfielder if he moves to first. With the many availlable free agent first basemem to be had this winter why not just concentrate on filling the void with a FIRST BASEMAN instead of converting an already good outfielder? It’s not as if Colvin’s outfiled defense forces him to play first. Why not consider moving Castro to first (kidding!) since he has 20 errors at SS already? Why not move Ramirez since he may becoming less mobile at third? The point is Hendry has this team all over the map and no solid plan STILL. It’s a “let’s try this guy this year” approach all over again because of lack of forsight. Are we better off with Adam Dunn at first and Colvin in right or Coco Crisp in center and Colvin at first?? Admittedly not very easy to determine but the GM should have a better handle on the DIRECTION and NEEDS of his team.

You people are nuts! What about giving Micah Hoffpauir the chance to play first that he has been waiting years for. He may never be a super star player but he is solid and has gone through the cubs system. Throwing money at washed up super stars doesn’t seam to be the solution so maybe it’s time to give some of the kids on the farm a chance.

Who’s “you people”??? Which of us said Hoffpauir shouldn’t be given the opportunity at 1B? We are however living in the real world which unfortunatley includes Hendry as the GM and he has a track record of getting the “must have” free agent so one can reasonably assume he’ll go after Dunn (or a Dunn wannabe) for 1B if Colvin remains in right. Maybe Hendry should hand over first base to Hoffpauir, leave Colvin in right, dump Fukodome’s contract, call up Fuld for a fourth outfielder and spend all the money saved on PITCHING?!?!?! However, we are talking about Hendry and he tends to go for a “splashy” hitter to show the world he is THE MAN, leaving the real needs of the team un-addressed. Soriano, Bradley & Fukodome…three strikes and you’re out Jim!

Jay: Hopefully Hoffpauir gets a solid look at 1st before the end of the season but he’s 30 years old and wouldn’t be much more than a stop gap. Personally, I think he’s a classic AAAA player; tears the cover off the ball in AAA but flounders in the Majors.

I’m not sure who the “washed up superstars” that either of us suggested but it’s certainly not Dunn or Crawford. Dunn’s the same age as Hoffpauir and has a few more career Home Runs (335 to be exact) and has hit phenomenally well throughout his career at Wrigley.

Right on ottermax, I’m all for Hendry (yes, Hendry…even a blind bowler can roll a strike if given enough attempts…) signing free agents, just the RIGHT free agents that fill the needs of the team at the RIGHT time and at the RIGHT contract. Soriano would have fit that bill with a 3-4 contract but the 8 years Hendry gave him instantly branded Hendry a desperate, foolish GM. Bradley? NEVER the right free agent regardless of contract. Fukodome? Same as Soriano, Hendry signs an unknown commodity from a foreign league for more than 3 years at crazy money, again foolish. Dunn and Crawford would be more justifiable signings as they fill glaring needs. But if Hendry deals from desperation again and signs either for more than 4 years…not good. Dunn and Crawford are definatley not washed up superstars and to NOT sign an Adam Dunn like player because we have Hoffpauir would be nuts. Hoffpauir would be servicable at 1B but if he gets the job it better be because Hendry blew is load on two ACE pitchers and/or a genuine stud lead-off man. Other than that I don’t see Hoffpauir being the thumper the Cubs need, just a nice bench player.

im done complaining about Hendry because he isn’t going anywhere… I wish he would but there is nothing we can do about it because they gave him an extension if I am not mistaken… the perfect GM would be Maddux but that’s a whole other story…. I don’t really care who the first basemen is next year as long as we get a stud lead off man and ACE… NOT a #2 or #3 an ACE a pitcher that every time he starts will give us a quality start and chance to win the game… someone each year who is one of the top 10 pitchers in the game… I think it could be Cliff Lee but we won’t get him if we can’t dump Fukudome off on someone… Lead off man? I would love Crawford but if I am a betting man we won’t even look for help at the lead off spot and end up with no one… if we get Dunn great but that another one where I just can’t see us getting because for some reason we think we HAVE to have a gold glove at first base… come on first base you have to catch the ball and stop grounders don’t even need to field them cleanly just keep it in front then step on the bag… who cares if someone can’t scoop as good as someone else…. INF need to make a good throw or get the error end of story… Dunn would produce some major run support and take the load off of Aram and hopefully get his head out of his you know what and start playing the way he can… Whatever happens this off season we will still be 1 or 2 pieces short of a championship team… Is Ricketts even wanting to spend the kind of money it will take to totally revamp the team?? Idk at this point but I doubt it……

agreed petrey10, but stop complaining about Hendry? Did the Romans stop complaining about carrying buckets of water? No, they kept complaining until the government came up with an alternative…the aquaduct system!! C’mon, let’s keep banging the drum about Hendry, it’s worth the gamble that the Ricketts may, just may be listening to us loyal fans. Who exactly trusts Hendry with turning this team around? Not us fans, just the Ricketts? Maybe the Ricketts, who claim to be die hard fans need a little more “input” from us other die hard fans. After all if they really ARE die hard fans then shouldn’t they be at least entertaining the same thoughts as us petrey??

no what will wake his *** up is when people stop filling wrigley field…. I believe that is the only thing that will wake him up… yeah hendry needs to go and bring in someone who can evaluate the talent (Maddux) and knows the game (Maddux)… if you want to complain about him and hope someone listens then I hope you know that the best man for the job is Maddux… whatever happens it won’t turn us around in a year it will take 3-4 years because of the way our payroll is out of control… because of Hendry but we are stuck with him so lets just hope he can figure it out somehow…

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