8/30 Opening night for "Q"

It was Opening night for Mike Quade Monday. The new Cubs manager, a Chicago area native who was a Cubs fan as a kid, made his home debut at Wrigley Field against the Pirates.

“I guess it’s an Opening night,” Quade said. “Opening night is great wherever you’re at. We open in Washington and that’s great and the kids played great but now emotionally, we have to find a way to beat [the Pirates] because they’ve been tough on us, that’s first and foremost.

“I try to take a minute every game, even at third base, to go, ‘My gosh, how lucky am I,’ whether it’s [look at] rooftops or whatever that brings stuff back to you. You want to keep some perspective. There will be a really nice glow until the first pitch is made and then we have to get after it.”

The Pirates have been tough but Quade had family and friends expected at Wrigley Field.

“To be honest, I wish I was playing for somebody doing what I’m doing because I’ve always
wanted to play here,” Quade said. “I’ve been a sports geek my whole life. Even when they told me no more playing, I was given an opportunity to stay in the game. Did I think it would come to this? I had always hoped I would someday manage at this level. This is more than my mind can handle.”

— Carrie Muskat

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