9/3 Gorzelanny update

Tom Gorzelanny has seen a replay of Jose Tabata’s line drive coming at him on Wednesday. He doesn’t want to watch it again.

“It was definitely going to my face,” Gorzelanny said Friday. “I turned my head a little bit when I saw it and put my hand up. If I didn’t have my pinkie in the way, it would’ve hit my cheek, which would’ve been pretty bad. It wouldn’t have been a good feeling.”

Gorzelanny (7-8, 3.90 ERA) will miss at least one start and possibly two because of a small incomplete hairline fracture underneath the fingernail of his left pinkie, suffered when he was hit by the ball. The lefty was wearing a small mini brace on the finger Friday and said the swelling has gone done considerably since the incident happened in the third inning of the Cubs’ game Wednesday against the Pirates.

His former Pittsburgh teammate Paul Maholm was hit in the face by a line drive in Class A ball and Gorzelanny said “it’s not pretty.”

“It’s scary and there’s nothing you can do to defend yourself,” Gorzelanny said.

However, he did try to convince athletic trainer Mark O’Neal that he could stay in the game after being hit.

“It hit me in the hand, in the pinkie, so it was sort of sore,” Gorzelanny said. “When you get hit, you get a bruise. For the first minute or two, it hurt, but I said, ‘Let me see if it goes away.’ They didn’t want to take any chances. I would’ve liked to have [stayed in] but it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.”

— Carrie Muskat

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