9/5 Cubs look for 9th win under Q

Mike Quade and the Cubs enter Sunday’s game with an 8-3 record since “Q” took over. The last Cubs manager to win at least nine of his first 12 decisions in a single season was Cap Anson, who went 11-1 in 1931.

“You take the opportunity and you’re so happy to have it,” Quade said of being a big league manager. “I don’t come in with illusions of grandeur. I just wanted to explain to these guys who I am and what I’m about in this chair and not as a coach anymore and ask them to finish up and play hard for us the last five weeks. You could say, they’re professionals, and that’s true. That’s the only thing I wanted.

“They’ve come to play and they’re playing and we’re still trying to clean up mistakes and we’ll be doing that the rest of the year and into the years to come. Effort is what I’m looking for and they seem to be having fun an that should result in us having a good finish.”

Still, even he couldn’t have imagined an 8-3 start.

“I’m thrilled to death,” Quade said. “I’d like to win the rest of the games, obviously. To be perfectly honest, the approach the club has taken is more important to me than the record. I mean that sincerely. People think I’m nuts — and I probably am — but I really mean that. That’s the main thing we’re looking for and not because it’s late in the year but it was a confusing week when Lou’s mom took a turn. [The players] were confused and we were able to clear things up and go finish up for the rest of the season.”

— Carrie Muskat

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