9/7 Doing it Q's way

Cubs manager Mike Quade made the decision to bench Starlin Castro after the rookie made a couple mental mistakes. Would he do the same thing to a veteran player?

“Everything is different,” Quade said Tuesday. “You may challenge a veteran more. There’s no question you handle veterans versus young players in different ways. Arguably, some of the lapses of concentration that ‘Cassie’ has had, they just have youth written all over it. You discipline your 6-year-old different than you discipline your 17-year-old. It’s case by case. I think discipline and watching this kid play and giving him a break all seem to fit to me. We’ll see how he responds.”

Quade made the decision but not before bouncing it off his coaches and GM Jim Hendry.

“Here’s the way I look at things and it’s different everywhere and some owners get involved,” Quade said. “Jim’s been great and has given me leeway to do what I want. Any time you do something like this or make a serious lineup change and have somebody not playing, it’s my nature to talk to Jim or Randy [Bush] or my staff and say this is what I’m thinking. I get feedback from all over the place. Jim has given me the opportunity and said, ‘Just do it,’ and I’m doing what I want to do.”

— Carrie Muskat


Typical standard excuse. To say any mental mistake is screaming “young” is rediculous! Not running hard to first base is a mental mistake done by ALL veterans on the Cubs… what is his excuse for that? Yes, 6 yr old and 17 yr olds are punished differently.. 17 yr olds have more severe punishments/concequences.. so hopefully Sorry-ano is benched a week for not running hard next time. Is that what I am supposed to believe? I don’t think Quade has the nerve to do it! Sorry Quade.. that explanation doesn’t fly with me and makes no sense!

If the team keeps playing the way they are, Quade’s got my vote for next year. Maybe make Ryno bench coach or something.

Great question Carrie!!! Obviously Quade would not do the same to a veteran or else he would have pulled Soriano off the field after he lollygagged out of the box and turned an easy inside the park homerun (And THAT’s according to the ever astute Brenly, God bless him) into a triple…”oops, that ball was fair, NOW I guess I have to hustle”. He should have yanked Soriano like Bobby Cox yanked Andrew Jones in the middle of a game for LOLLYGAGGING. Makes me gag. It appears that Quade is sucking up to Hendry and Bush.

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