9/7 Extra bases

Tyler Colvin hit his fifth triple of the season, which is tied for third among NL rookies with teammate Starlin Castro. Speaking of Castro, Mike Quade says the shortstop may be back in the lineup Wednesday.

“I will sleep on that tonight and contemplate,” Quade said. “He’s had a couple good days and done extra work and has had some time. There’s a fine line between observing for too long and getting better, so we’ll see.”

* Brad Snyder became the 17th rookie the Cubs have used this season and 11th to make his Major League debut. That’s the most since the team used 19 rookies with 15 making their debuts in 2000. Snyder struck out against lefty Tim Byrdak in the sixth.

* Kosuke Fukudome is batting .425 with seven runs, five doubles, two homers and six RBIs in his last 12 games. He picked up his 24th multi-hit game of the year.

* Marlon Byrd is one hit shy of matching his career high of 155, set last season, and two hits away from 900 for his career.

— Carrie Muskat


Quade you are a moron and I hope you don’t manage next year because I will not be able to stand seeing you misuse more talent… I don’t care if you set a guy for making a mistake but for 2 games for a rookie mistake… o wait he is a rookie which is why they call it a ROOKIE MISTAKE you idiot… Do you sit Soriano for every error he is going to make because he has improper technique ? How bout not running hard out of the box? Are you going to sit Fukudome for running into another fielder because he couldn’t understand “I got it, I got it”? haha ok the last one was a joke but it could happen… I am starting to hate the cubs… keep it up Ricketts, Hendry and Quade and more people will start feeling the same way and LEAVE THE BALLPARK… I know I am not going to the stadium till they fix this mess… what a joke

petrey10….I’m startin’ to like you. You raise a good point, what sense does it make to “punish” Castro NOW, in the big leagues for rookie mental mistakes? It’s not like he’s loafin’ or something like Andrew Jones when Cox pulled him out of a game. Could it be Quade’s way of demonstrating to Hendry what a tough guy he his that won’t tolerate such play? Ha ha, what a big joke this team has turned into. The blind leading the blind. They can’t settle on a line-up, a roster, a direction or a plan. If Quade’s a moron for benching Castro and NOT benching Soriano…what’s that make HENDRY, the man that signed Soriano for 8 years of diminishing skills??? THAT’S MORON FOR YA’

thanks man but if I may change your wording about soriano to such a big money contract… i don’t care about the length… I care about the cash that he is soaking up compared to his level of play… yeah he is over paid but WE NEED HIM!! plain and simple… Can you imagine not having Soriano and what this lineup would look like? o man it would be terrible… opposing pitchers would laugh at us… sure he can’t field and is a lazy piece of trash some times but we still need his bat, his name, and his arm on the team… just wish it was for a few less $$$ signs PER YEAR

go ahead and change my wording all you want. But nothing will change my mind about the 8 years. I would agree that this team needs the Soriano of old but not the OLD Soriano. I would have been happier if the contract was four years for the SAME money, at least he would be off the field sooner without pressuring ANY manager into playing him because “he isn’t going anywhere soon”. The offensive numbers Soriano is putting up can now (for the most part) be acheived by a rookie. I CAN imagine the line up without Soriano and his meaningless homeruns, his numerous lunging strikeouts, his lack of effort getting out of the box…I dream of it. If that’s all we disagree about I’ll consider this a good day.

You two guys are really something..sitting the kid down now will be the best way for him to learn..the other guys..it’s too late…now if their earlier managers had set them we wouldn’t have what we are stuck with now…this will be good in the long run

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