9/8 Undercover Cubs

Cubs officials were mum about rumors that owner Todd Ricketts took part in the television show, “Undercover Boss.” The show features a high-ranking executive going undercover in an entry-level position in his or her own company. Ricketts was believed to have spent time as a member of the Wrigley Field grounds crew and security staff.

— Carrie Muskat


I honestly did not believe I could have less respect & confidence in Ricketts until now. True or not, this would not be a stretch for a glad-handing, clueless figurehead like Ricketts. Wrigley is now his (and his trustfund family’s) playground to inflate their ego’s & that must not even be enough. For someone to parade so embarrassingly as he has (see the statue unvailing for Harry if you have questions) after his team’s pathetic season is remarkable.
First year or not, a “true fan” such as Ricketts claims to be would have made changes (other than the asthetics & revenue streams that increase profits) to appease a very loyal fanbase. This is just another example that the new owner’s focus is on everything but the product on the field. I almost miss the Trib; at least the only embarrasing part of our beloved Cubs were the teams.

Oh how wonderful!!! Nice to know that the new owners are concentrating on nothing but turning a sorry *** organization around by putting forth such a tremendous effort in filming a TV SHOW. This is pitiful. Maybe Ricketts should have gone undercover as the GM!!! Couldn’t do any worse than Hendry. What priorities, geez. When loyal Cubs fans are pleading for a sign of competence from the new owners (firing Hendry would be a good start) we get stuff like this? Isn’t this folly just a counterproductive display of narcissism during such miserable economic times? Has anybody other than US FANS seen the mess that this once noble, talented and powerful organization has become? Instead we get yet another reason to DISLIKE this franchise. Brilliant.

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