9/10 Best seller UPDATE

Brewers exec Tyler Barnes said they are trying to determine who left a fake release in the press box about a book allegedly written by Cubs GM Jim Hendry titled “How to Finish Near Last Place with the Highest Payroll in the League.” The release was stacked next to the team notes and packets of statistics at Miller Park, saying the book was “certain to be a best seller.” Barnes, vice president of communications with the Brewers, called it a “hoax.”

“It’s an unfortunate incident and lousy attempt at a practical joke,” Barnes said.

The release, which is not credited to anyone, stated that you can “read in Hendry’s own words” chapters on such topics as:

* Why I signed Milton Bradley
* Why I released Casey McGehee only to see him hit 20 home runs and drive in nearly 100 runs for a division rival.
* Why I signed players to long-term contracts with limited trade options.

The release didn’t give a publication date but did encourage readers to reserve a copy now.

“This is a great rivalry between the teams and we have a great respect for each other,” Barnes said. “It’s a poor attempt at low-level humor.”

— Carrie Muskat

1 Comment

Poor attempt? How could it be a poor ATTEMPT if the “culprit” actually managed to get it in the press box? Sounds to me like an EXCELLENT, SUCCESSFUL attempt.
Hats off to the author. Kind of like the movie/graphic novel “V for Vendetta”. Who is this mysterious but dead on
figure lurking amidst the shadows???? Maybe the Cubs next GM if we’re lucky!! Low-Level humor?? C’mon man…that was classic, worthy of the Marx Bros. or 3 Stooges. Laughter is the best medicine for what ails us Cubs fans this season. THAT was a nice “prescription”.

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