9/12 Cubs lineup vs Brewers

Here’s the Cubs lineup for Sunday’s series finale vs the Brewers:

2B DeWitt
SS Castro
RF Fukudome
1B Nady
CF Colvin
C Soto
LF Soriano
3B Barney
P Coleman

— Carrie Muskat


Everyday we get to witness why the cubs are the worst run franchise in all of baseball. We are 20 games back, yet we continue to play Soriano and Fukodome on a regular basis. Quade said “they have earned it.” Interesting. I am not sure what Quade is talking about. Maybe he is talking about ranking 17th in the league in Rbis? Maybe he is talking about ranking 18th in the league in runs scored? Maybe he talking about doing all of this with the 3rd highest payroll in the league. It is unclear what he is talking about, but to continue to prance around and act like people are having great seasons and “deserve” to play is a joke.

Idiot ^

You can’t even spell Fukudome so it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t know he’s been one of our hottest players the last month and a half.

So what. We are 20 games back! We know what we have with fukodome, let’s think about next year. Fukodome is not the answer. We have a 3 year sample of fukodomes ability. This is a good opportunity see guys like fuld and snyder

Are you arguing that the cubs are well run?

Is there any way Cubs would trade Z Marmol and Ramirez to White Sox ?

I could see Teahen, Bechham , Sale ,Jenks and Peavy back

Although Fukodome has been one of our “hotter” hitters the past 6 weeks it is still with limited exposure and it is compared to the rest of his “cold” team mates, it wouldn’t take much heat to be one of THESE Cubs hottest hitters. Besides, Kwoody if being one of the hottest hitters during a stretch of 6 weeks justifies playing time then why would Quade sit our hottest hitter ALL YEAR (Castro) for two straight days under the pretense of “teaching” him something? Quade’s job #1 is NOT to upset Hendry as that is his only chance of returning next year in any role. Any interim manager that has the stones to play rookies during this GOLDEN opportunity over the overpaid Hendry mistakes takes the risk of exopsing the ineptitude of Hendry and thereby the Rickett’s as well. YOU GO CCUUBB!!

Wins and losses don’t matter at this point. These games should be treated as AFL games.

The regular line up should include: Colvin at 1st, Snyder in LF, Fuld in RF, DeWitt at 2B and Castro at SS. I’d let Byrd and Soto still play regularly as well as Aramis (if healthy).

Did you ever think about Fukudome’s trade value? It’s a lot higher than it was a month ago. The difference between a .245 average and a .275 average is probably an extra 2-4mil in our pocket when we dump him this offseason. Thus allowing Colvin to play every day next season. If you let him rot on the bench his value goes DOWN.

I wouldn’t start Colvin over Soriano either. Don’t piss off and humiliate the guy who is going to have more of a say about the next 4 years of this club than anyone else. Especially when Soriano is better (yeah, I said it) than Colvin.

In regards to Castro 1. What does this have to do with anything? 2. Quade’s showing off for Hendry. I never said I agree with it. 3. He needed a break anyway. Let him get a breather and clear his mind after an 0-4 with multiple errors. He’s 20 with only 1 day off all season. You said yourself wins don’t matter now.

Also, we know exactly what Fuld is. An old light hitting ~.280 minor league outfielder. Fuld doesn’t figure into our future anywhere. The outfield is a power position. We have the money as to where we don’t need a Ryan Theriot in LF. Sure give Snyder a shot if you want here and there. But don’t sit Soriano to do so and don’t pretend he’s some budding young prospect. He’s older than Carlos Zambrano.

I agree with kwoody that Fuld should NOT be considered an option for a starting outfield position, however Fuld should have been the fourth outfielder for the past 3 seasons as he would have been more USEFUL IN GENERAL as a defensive replacement for any one of the BAD outfielders Hendry saddled the team with (Soriano, Bradley) as well as a pinch runner for ANY of the MANY slow of foot regulars when a run means a tie or a win. NOW to say he doesn’t fit into our future may be more true than it would have been a couple of years ago but I would not dismiss him yet as he may still be valuable and COST EFFECTIVE for 2011 (allowing the feeble GM that Hendry is to save money and use what’s saved to shore up the bullpen or first base) when the team WILL STILL lack any speed off the bench and STILL NEED a DEFENSIVE outfield sub for Soriano and the aging (yet still good!) Byrd, we certainly don’t need (never did) a fourth outfielder with the “skills” (ha) of Nady. Nady will be best suited for the American League (Hendry’s true calling) where he can play 1B OR DH. Playing Fukodome in order to get him to be a tradeable commodity is a common and wise move, however when you have a GM like Hendry he will again have his back to the wall when and if he dumps Fukodome in another Silva for Bradley like trade which admittedly was miracualous but certainly not VERY advantageous for the team or payroll, just a lesser of two evils I suppose. I am curious, taking into account all around offensive production, health, youth, lefty vs. righty, speed, hustle AND defensive skills how Soriano is better than Colvin at this point in his career? Based on the 2010 numbers it doesn’t appear to so. Don’t they have similar BA’s, HR’s, and OBP? And maybe if Colvin had as many at bats as Soriano the RBI might be more equal too? I don’t see it. I wonder who the next manager would rather NOT MIND having a career ending injury during next year’s spring training, an aging, defensivley challenged, strike out prone, one dimensional, free swinging, RIGHT HANDED HITTING Soriano or the young, defensivley adequate if not good, LEFT HANDED HITTING, with homerun power Colvin???? Whatever the case kwoody, you and I both hope that Fukodome is dumped just to free up SOME money and open up an everday outfield spot for Colvin (or?) taking the pressure off the manager to “massage” his outfielders, trying to get them all AB’s.

Weird,the Yankees have a “light hitting” outfielder and they seem to be doing pretty well. Fuld is a leadoff hitter and has good career numbers in the minors as well as in his at bats in the bigs. He also happens to be there best defensive outfielder.

The Yankees also have 12 players with over 70 RBIs.

If you have team that hits for fun throughout the roster – as are the Yankees – you can hide a lightweight outfielder who has struggled in the majors.

Unfortunately we are short of RBIs throughout the roster so cannot. Even Byrd and Castro who are hitting over .300 cannot bat in runners who are not on base – hence their low RBIs. If we can improve production bringing up Fuld is a viable option… til then it is a pointless luxury.

The Yankees also have 12 players with over 70 RBIs.

If you have team that hits for fun throughout the roster – as are the Yankees – you can hide a lightweight outfielder who has struggled in the majors.

Unfortunately we are short of RBIs throughout the roster so cannot. Even Byrd and Castro who are hitting over .300 cannot bat in runners who are not on base – hence their low RBIs. If we can improve production bringing up Fuld is a viable option… til then it is a pointless luxury.

Exactly. Apples and oranges. OF COURSE if Fuld was a starting outfileder for THE YANKEES they would still “do pretty well”…there THE YANKEES. We are talking about the Cubs, a team that lacks run production as it is and can’t afford a low run producing Fuld as an every day regular and I am a fan of Fuld, he belongs on the team but in a role (Nady’s role, for a lot less money too) not as a starter.

Apologies… last post should have read 3 players over 95 RBIs… and 7 over 50 RBI.

The Cubs by comparison have 5 players with 50+ RBI and nobody over 75RBIs.

Yes I realise the Yankees have a DH but that doesn’t justify the difference.

I like Fuld and his positive attitude – I don’t like the fact he totals 2RBIs in 106 MLB at-bats… he could be superhuman in the outfield but no team could justify a player who if his at-bats to date were projected over a season on 600+ visits to the plate would return 12RBIs.

C’mon hustle, I know you must be stressing the RBI thing to get your point across?? You can’t really believe Fuld would have only 12 RBI over the course of 600 AB’s??? I think he may have the same or more than say a Ryan Theriot as he would be beating out some infield grounders allowing an occasional runner at 3B to score, right? O.K. maybe 30-40 RBI. He would only be justified as a defensive replacement (which is DESPERATLEY NEEDED), pinch runner and an OCCASIONAL pinch hitter. Don’t you think he at least deserves a major league roster spot COMPARED to the previous lack luster players riding the bench??? All were pretty much one-dimensional.

I stand by the stats Joey. In 2009 Fuld had a good run in the team and in 97 at bats he totalled precisely 2RBIs. We already have another Theriot in the slightly more productive DeWitt – admittedly with Theriot production of 2008 / 2009 not the woeful stats of 2010.

If we can assemble a competent bullpen and run with 11 pitchers we can carry the flexibility and late innings defense of Fuld – only if we run with 5 outfielders and 7 infielders – or we have Colvin to back up first base… as Hoffpauir isn’t the answer. Fuld definitely isn’t the everyday 1st choice back-up in the outfield.

Hustle, I respectfully disagree. In THIS organization Fuld is the number one BACK UP outfileder as a BACK UP outfielder = a defensive stud that catches anything WHEN NEEDED and won’t be wasted while riding the bench. And the past few seasons Fuld has proven that and he probably still bears the impression of a chainlink fence on his face to verify. A back up outfielder is not needed for extended run production. Outfielders with extended run production ARE STARTERS. As long as Soriano is on this roster the need for Fuld remains obvious. If you have someone else in mind for the #1 back up outfielder you must be thinking outside the organization? The young, offensive outfielders such as Colvin and Snyder would be wasted as back up outfielders considering their run production capabilities. Now the way over priced, over evaluated Fukodome would make a good back up outfielder but still not a # 1 like Fuld is.

it is not cut and dry. look how the yankees have been doing since gardner has been out. the power hitters have people to drive in because guys like gardner get on base. to say that he is hidden in the lineup is silly. since when is a leadoff hitter judged on rbis? leadoff hitters should be judged on obp, runs scored, k to walk ratios, as well as stolen bases. the cubs need to build a baseball team. the problem with that they have had in general is that they have been constructing teams that are full of 10-20 hr guys with low obp who do not have any intangibles (i.e. they play horrible defense and have zero speed). just my opinion.

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