9/14 Cubs manager search

Cubs GM Jim Hendry is expected to interview former Mariners and D-backs manager Bob Melvin for the team’s managerial position, according to ESPN.com. Currently a scout for the Mets, Melvin interviewed for the Cubs job in 2003 but Hendry chose Dusty Baker. Melvin then got the Mariners job.

Hendry already has talked to former Indians manager Eric Wedge and had some preliminary discussions with Ryne Sandberg, named Pacific Coast League manager of the year this season at Triple-A Iowa. Pat Listach, Bob Brenly and current manager Mike Quade also will be considered for the Cubs job in 2011.

On Monday, Hendry said Quade was doing an “outstanding job” since taking over Aug. 23 for Lou Piniella, who retired earlier than planned to go home and take care of family business. The Cubs are 12-7 under Quade.

“He’s certainly done a very good job,” Hendry said. “Like I told him, I was never hung up on what our record would be. We’re winning our share and getting improvement out of some of the young kids. I give him a lot of credit. I think he’s done a real good job so far.”

The Cubs want the manager in place by the organizational meetings, held in early November. Hendry will compile a short list of candidates to present to the Cubs owners.

— Carrie Muskat


How many is this guy going to line up and interview? This reeks of “over-acheiving” to impress upon the Ricketts that he is indeed “on it”. Throw darts Jim like any well seasoned inept general manager would do…wait a minute, that may be exactly how this genious decided on 8 years for Soriano…could have been ten if the dart landed 1/4″ to the left…. One has to wonder what exactly will it take to get the Ricketts to fire Hendry? Trading for Bradley AGAIN? Signing Soriano to AN EXTENSION? Why is he even toying with some of these “candidates” if not just to appear in charge? Melvin Jim, REALLY?

Greetings from Kuwait… I get all the great gigs it seems…

It is beyond belief that Hendry continues to trawl the lower echelons of former managers.

Eric Wedge – one managerial visit to post-season
Harold Melvin – one managerial visit to post-season

Jim… they were fired because they were not cutting it with small-market teams. Exactly what hope do they have in Chicago?

It appears we had a lucky escape with Hendry’s alleged preference holding out for the Braves.

Jim will say her is searching far and wide because of Sandberg’s relative inexperience at the top level… so why look at Wedge, Melvin and the rest of these guys?

Until we can unload the deadweight of Ramirez, Fukupdome, Zambrano, Soriano and latterly Silva we are going to have to enjoy watching the kids play… who better to mould them than Sandberg or if we can get him Girardi who worked wonders with a young roster with Florida.

Possibly Girardi’s disciplinarianism would also have a positive attitude on the sauntering attitudes of Soriano and Ramirez; and his healthy living edicts may remove excess flab from Soto and Ramirez. A lot of Aramis’ health issues appear to be down to the excess weight he is carrying – likewise Silva and Zambrano.

Either way, we need a manager who has experienced at first hand the barbs of the Chicago gutter press / hacks and knows the expectation of the Wrigley faithful… not someone schooled in the comparative backwaters of Cleveland or Arizona.

Greeting and good wishes to Kuwait, agreed with all except the negative comments to Ramirez, I’m still one to cut him SOME slack considering his injuries and his **** play and effort of late. I don’t see him as having excess weight, just not young and chisled…it happens. Soriano LOOKS awesome and plays poorly….

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