9/14 Headline news

In July, when the Cubs were in Houston, Aramis Ramirez made it clear he wanted to stay with the team and most likely would exercise his player option for 2011 that will pay him $14.6 million.

“Everybody knows I want to stay here,” Ramirez said at that time. “I’m guessing I’ll stay here.”

In Milwaukee this past weekend, Ramirez was asked if there was a timetable for him to tell the Cubs he was coming back. He said no, that the team had other priorities, such as naming a new manager, finding a first baseman. Ramirez said: “They have more things to worry about than just me.”

Apparently, another news organization took those comments out of context and made it sound as if Ramirez was going to test the free agent market and leave. Not sure how that happened, but it did. Ramirez even asked Chicago  beat writers about what they wrote. On Monday, Ramirez confirmed, once again, he wants to stay with the Cubs in an attempt to clarify the erroneous report.

Bottom line, Ramirez is expected back next year with the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


Hmmm…..over 14 million if I stay or 3-5 million on the open market…duh. Although having Ramirez returning for 2011 is nothing to get excited about if one compares his production to Sorianos for the money Ramirez looks good. Sad. AND Hendry got lucky because Ramirez will be accepted by most us fans as one of the productive Cubs that will be cut some slack because of his past steady performance should his production dip UNLIKE Soriano. Also, Hendry got lucky in regards to having third base become a big issue next year and expose even further the Casey McGhee debacle. Now, should Ramirez suffer any lengthy injury next year (which seems likely at his age) then Hendry will start hearing about his inept way of general managing.

Hahahahaha “McGhee Debacle.”

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