9/14 The record does matter

When Jim Hendry met with Mike Quade to talk about taking over the team, the GM told “Q” not to worry about his record. The Cubs are 12-7 since Aug. 23. Quade does pay attention to that.

“As soon as you put this [uniform] on, yeah, [I want to win],” Quade said Tuesday. “First of all, I love to compete. I honestly mean it when I said [I want to establish] some things from my end and how I want to do things.”

Despite winning Monday, the Cubs were officially eliminated from postseason play on Monday. That’s not going to stop Quade.

“It’s wonderful to play good clubs because that adds to the motivation,” he said. “I’m interested in winning every game but I do believe that you play well and make the opposition be as good as they can be to beat you and whatever happens, happens. I’ve been pretty happy with the way these guys have gone about their business the last two, three weeks.”

So, he’s not looking at his record?

“I’m too honest to say I’m not looking at our record,” Quade said. “I’m proud that the guys have played well enough that we’ve won ballgames, and I’m proud of the progress I’ve seen. Can you make progress and lose? Yeah. But right now, it’s worked out OK and there’s still plenty of work to do and let’s see how we do the next couple nights [against the Cardinals] and then head to Florida.

“So far, I’m happy with the way they’re going about their business and we’re winning as well,” he said.

— Carrie Muskat


Mike Quade has, indeed, done an outstanding job since taking over the Cubs. The team seems a little more relaxed and have started to win more. The starting rotation is back in business and the bullpen has been lights out for the most part. Mike Quade has proven that he can manage. He deserves to be a candidate for the permanent job next year.

He definitely deserves to be A Candidate, but is he The Candidate?

It is much easier to play when the expectations have been removed. Does Quade have what it takes under fire from the baying hordes of the Chicago gutter press? So far the heat has been off.

A candidate yes, because of the time he put in for the organization…hmm…sounds familiar, didn’t a stellar, HALL OF FAME player put in as much if not more time also? Will Ryno get his one month audition WITH NO HEAT as well? The lack of confidence in Hendry continues to build. With all the praise he is bestowing upon Quade lately wouldn’t he appear to be foolish and hypocritical if he DOESN’T bring Quade back? Hendry should keep his pie hole zipped and play his hand closer to his chest, but that’s the ineptitude in him as a GM, he’s NOT GOOD.

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