9/19 Colvin done for the season

Cubs outfielder Tyler Colvin is most likely done for the season after a freak accident Sunday in which he was impaled by a broken bat. Colvin was on third base when catcher Welington Castillo hit a broken bat double to left. Colvin was watching the ball, and then turned to head for home. A part of Castillo’s bat hit Colvin under the collarbone. He was hospitalized in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami for pneumothorax, and was to remain there for observation for a few days. Pneumothorax occurs when a person has air trapped in the space between the outside of the lung and inside of the chest wall. The air enters the space when there is a hole in the surface of the lung, which allows air to leak from the lung and into the space. Colvin finished with a .254 average, 20 home runs, 18 doubles, five triples, and 56 RBIs in 135 games.

— Carrie Muskat


Wishing a quick recovery for Tyler Colvin. It has been a pleasure watching him play this year. His future really looks bright.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a full and speedy recovery. You have a remarkable talent – .

I can’t believe that after this, MLB and the Players Union will not do something about this. I know of a fan thats been injured, a pitching coach and now a player. these are injuries. does someone have to be KILLED before something is done? Tyler is very lucky that the bad didn’t catch him in the neck, severing his carotid artery. he would have bled out before they got him to the dugout.


navy, maybe they will it’s only been one day. Didn’t they make coaches wear helmets after one got beaned in the head? This isn’t as cut and dry because it’s more rare it happens than when a coach or player gets hit with a batted ball. Batted balls happen a lot more often than splintered bats helicoptering toward a baserunner who is looking at the flight of the batted ball, determining his scoring chances rather than looking for and expecting a shattered bat headed toward his aorta. What would you want them to do? Eliminate all maple bats (50%) or have base runners wear protective gear? A better made bat from better would should be in order soon and may change the econimics of the foresting industry and the bat manufacturing industry…mor jobs? Less jobs? “The baseball bat stymulus package”!!! When next a pitcher gets seriously injured by a batted line drive ball should there be mandatory protective fencing installed like batting practice pithers use? Aren’t major league pitchers more valuable to an organization than the practice pitcher? Yet where is THERE protection? “The chain link fence stymulus package”! It’s baseball folks, anybody and everybody knows what the EXTREMELY RARE risks are and who want’s to play wrapped up in buble wrap? Or look like football players on a baseball diamond? Maybe Sosa was concerned for the baserunners when using a corked bat, at least it shattered in pieces rather than splintering like a projectile!!!

The possible irony is if Sandberg gets bypassed for the manager’s job next season, first Colvin gets impaled in the chest by a teammate…then Ryno gets stabbed in the back by the GM. Hendry’s next book: “How to create Mariner’s fans” Chapter one: How I topped the Bradley catastrophe by not signing Sandberg and STILL kept my job.

In a season when the cubs shut it down and started the fire sale Tyler Colvin was a bright spot for all Cubs fans. Great young ball player with a bright future. Love watching my Cubs and these young gritty ball players that should make us all hopeful for the future of the Cubs under the new ownership……….

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