9/22 Game 2 lineup vs Giants

Darwin Barney is leading off and playing second Wednesday night for the Cubs in Game 2 against the Giants. Jeff Baker was battling the stomach flu and is sidelined. Here’s the lineup:

2B Barney
SS Castro
CF Byrd
3B Ramirez
1B Nady
LF Soriano
RF Fukudome
C Hill
P Wells

— Carrie Muskat


I am the only person seeing Quade being on a power trip here…?

What are the chances of Nady and Hill being around in 2011? And even Lord help us if they are, with 2 weeks left of a disastrous season should we not be seeing more of Snyder, Castillo and Hoffpauir… of all these players we need to find out if Hoffpauir has it in him to bat above AAA. And given the ussues at 1st and 3rd, why have we seen nothing of Marquez Smith and Bryan LaHair active in an extended roster?

We know that Bobby Scales is a good clubman (with little else), we know Soriano and Ramirez would benefit from an earlier shutdown and an extended worload in Spring Training – these other guys are allegedly the future… let’s see what they can do now.

Right you are hustle, it’s as if Quade is trying to get in the good graces with some aging veterans in case they ALL return next year, God forbid. Fukodome has passed his experation date, ENOUGH! I don’t know what is left on the contract of the all talk (of late, he’s always quoted…) no production Hill but arent’t the chances of having Soto and Castillo for 2011 better than Soto and Hill??? Geez, Quade seems to be a little TOO concerned with playing the veterans. WOULD the AWESOME Baker have started if he wasn’t battling the stomach flu? You are not the only one Hustle. There are so many overpaid veterans that can EASILY be replaced by rookies next year and it’s not because the rookies are so GOOD it’s because the overpaid, over evaluated veterans are just so MEDIOCRE. I think Quade is in full suck up mode for Hendry. Any “interim” manager with stones would have no problem sitting a lackluster Soriano, his .257 average, lead glove, no hustle fielding style in favor of the highly touted Brad Snyder if just to see what the kid has. Too late I’m afraid. Hendry might as well just trade Snyder (or release him like McGhee!!!) and put him out of the mysery of waiting in line for Soriano or Fukodome to retire. Bone head.

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