9/22 Interview process

The Cubs are 18-8 since Mike Quade took over as manager following Wednesday’s win over the Giants. Cubs GM Jim Hendry was in Arizona this week to interview Ryne Sandberg for the manager’s job. Quade also is a candidate.

“I think he’s doing a pretty good job,” Cubs catcher Koyie Hill said of Quade. “If he doesn’t get [the job] — and it’s not the players’ choice — I feel like he’s giving it a pretty good effort. The guys in the clubhouse enjoy playing for him. We just play. When it comes down to it, we’re just fortunate to play for anybody.”

It’s been fun for the Cubs to come to the ballpark lately.

“It could be miserable,” Hill said. “Guys have showed a lot of class and a lot of heart and it’s been fun to come to the ballpark in the last six weeks.”

The Cubs have had a lot of roster turnover since Opening Day following trades, injuries. It’s a happy clubhouse.

“Veteran guys don’t always enjoy young guys coming up and getting in the way of their routines and things like that,” Hill said, “but this time, [the kids] have brought a lot of energy. It’s fun to sit back, like the last game we had in Miami [Sunday] to watch the guys and their enthusiasm. It’s fun to see guys run balls out and chase foul balls. It’s a good little pick me up. I think everybody is feeling good about the way we’re going about our business. It’s that something we were looking for earlier. We all thought as soon as we won a couple games, we’d get rolling and it just happened that way at the end of August and in September.”

— Carrie Muskat

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It’s go to see the players enjoy playing for Quade. I’d love to see him manage next year. Also, Hill’s comment disturbs me: “It’s fun to see guys run balls out and chase foul balls. It’s a good little pick me up” Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? I hope its more than a pickup and we play ball like we should next season.

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