9/23 Hendry meets with Ryno

Cubs GM Jim Hendry met with Ryne Sandberg Tuesday and Wednesday in Arizona to discuss the Cubs’ manager vacancy.

“The process is continuing the way I said it would,” Hendry said Thursday.

Sandberg is the second person to be formally interviewed for the Cubs job. Hendry also has talked to former Indians manager Eric Wedge and was expected to interview Pat Listach and former Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu, among others.

Sandberg may be a popular candidate for other teams also looking for a manager. The former Cubs second baseman was named Pacific Coast League manager of the year this season after guiding the Triple-A Iowa Cubs to an 82-62 record. However, teams must contact the Cubs first to get permission to interview Sandberg, and so far, no team has requested that.

Since Lou Piniella retired, Mike Quade has taken over and led the Cubs to an 18-8 record. Quade also is a candidate for 2011.

“I’m very pleased with how he’s run the club and handled himself,” Hendry said of Quade. “The players are playing hard for him. It’s a really positive environment going on in our locker room and it’s a very solid blend of using the veterans properly and getting the kids the development we need to see toward the end of the season. It’s very positive. He’s doing an outstanding job.”

Hendry said he can see players fighting for jobs next season and also sees a lot of confidence.

“I see nothing but positives,” he said. “Let’s not forget, we traded quite a few players and now we’ve got a couple significant guys injured and we’re not playing any different and Mike hasn’t skipped a beat and given everybody a fair chance to earn their stripes.

“Hopefully we can finish it off and continue to get out of the development part of it and the knowledge that [assistant GM] Randy Bush and I need going into the offseason. So far, [Quade] has done an outstanding job.”

— Carrie Muskat


Golly, gee wiz Mr. Hendry your Most Awesomeness, your Most Intuitiveness, your Most Brilliantness…that’s fantastic to hear that Soriano, Fukodome, Baker, DeWitt are going to be fighting for jobs next season. And here I am thinking that Soriano at least was a lock for left field and the probably won’t be traded Fukodome was a lock in right field. Nice to know Colvin and Snyder will get THEIR FAIR CHANCE to surpass the veterans. Why, all us die hard fans are just giddy with anticipation for 2011 with Hendry leading the way to the World Series!!! He’s are guy!!! I mean what other GM would have so many manager candidates in mind? Only our very own Hendry. We’re so proud. Maybe Joe The Plumber is on his short list?

Joey, he meant young players like Coleman, Samardzija, Barney. By the way, is Joe the Plumber left-handed? The Cubs could use him.

Carrie, I knew he meant young players, I thought by now you would spot my sarcastic wit…unless…you were displaying your sarcastic wit??? If that’s the case I humbly bow, good one! Joe The Plumber, or Joe The GM??? The latter has a nice ring to it.

Joe the former GM would have an even better ring…

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