9/24 Cubs lineup vs Cardinals

Kosuke Fukudome and Alfonso Soriano are not in the Cubs’ starting lineup for Friday’s series opener against the Cardinals. Instead, Sam Fuld will be in left and Brad Snyder in right. It’s a blustery day at Wrigley Field. Hang onto your hats. Here’s the lineup:

LF Fuld
SS Castro
CF Byrd
3B Ramirez
1B Nady
2B DeWitt
RF Snyder
C Hill
P Gorzelanny

— Carrie Muskat


Whoa!!!! Quade must have read my comments and decided to show us fans he won’t suck up to Hendry EVERY day, just most days. Or is he putting Fuld in because the blustery day would make Soriano look evern worse? Who knows the rhyme or reason with Quade, Hendry, Jaramillo, or Rothschild? We are all just blowing in the wind until SOMEBODY, whether a new manager or general manager makes it clear to us fans that there is a well thought out direction and plan for this franchise. So far neither Hendry, Quade or Ricketts have given an indication.

I say, let the young kids play. So they make errors, but so do the older guys. All the money wasted on the older players still haven,t gotton us in the World ?Series.

Some progress, but why are Nady and Hill still there? Quade start selecting for the Cubs future not your own.

Yes the over paid prima donnas have performed better the last month, but would we not be answering a few more questions with Barney, Hoffpauir and Castillo in the line-up? Anybody can see Castillo is next years back up to Soto – and far cheaper too.

The kids played there socks off to blow out the Marlins last week – their reward from Quade… more splinters in their rears.

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