9/25 Brenly withdraws from Cubs job

Cubs TV analyst Bob Brenly said Saturday he is officially withdrawing his name from the job as Cubs manager. Brenly met with GM Jim Hendry prior to Friday’s game.

“I don’t feel that at this particular time, it was a good fit for me,” Brenly said. “For personal and professional reasons, this was not the right time for me.”

Brenly did say he has been in contact with other teams regarding their managerial openings. He wouldn’t elaborate as to why he would consider other teams but not the Cubs.

“It just kind of came to a head in the last few days,” Brenly said.

— Carrie Muskat


Would you want to work for a complete imbecile like Hendry…?

Mystery solved…

Sherlock has nothin’ on you hustle. That’s the sad and funny thing, Hendry is now coming accross as a joke to all as he does his song and dance routine and THOROUGHLY PERFORMS HIS DUTIES INTERVIEWING GUYS THAT EVERYONE KNOWS SHOULD NOT MANAGE THE CUBS. JOKE.
I think Brenly is wise to Hendry and wanted to control the situation and retain some dignity. Good for him. How about after The Ricketts allow Hendry to save face by by “calling the shots” for the new manager they then replace Hendry with Brenly? Sweet.


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