9/25 Cubs lineup vs Cardinals

Marlon Byrd’s right eye is swollen and he has a small cut under his eye after being hit by a foul ball on Friday. Byrd was not in the lineup Saturday for Game 2 against the Cardinals. Here’s the order:

2B DeWitt
SS Castro
RF Fukudome
3B Ramirez
1B Hoffpauir
LF Soriano
CF Fuld
C HIll
P Coleman

— Carrie Muskat


Aside from finding incriminating photos of Hendry / Quade exactly what does Castillo have to do to get into the lineup? The last I saw he was hitting over.100 more than hill.

Since the departure of DPLee, Hill seems to have taken over as team publicist and media luvvy.

Surely Jim is not considering keeping Hill and stifling Castillo’s potential further…?

Hill may not be much of an offensive threat but he’s good behind the plate with the pitchers. Castillo will probably start Sunday

Carrie, nobody doubts Hill’s ability behind the plate. I wish Soto had his talent there. The way he held the team together last year when Soto was injured should not be forgotten. However this is now about the future.

This comes back to the Fuld discussion of over a week ago. When you have an underperforming / popgun offense you cannot afford to carry passengers on a regular basis in the line-up. Even St Louis with Carpenter, Wainwright and Garcia leading their rotation have struggled to make up the lack of production in the line up aside from Pujols and Holliday. If you want to contend – and big Jim and Quade suggest this is possible with a few tweaks in 2010 – only if you are the Yankees is Hill a viable part of your plans. Unless Hendry signs Crawford, Dunn and a big RBI middle infielder, Hill is a luxury item.
Both Castillo and Chiniros have good offensive numbers and should be ahead of Hill in the thinking for next year.

Agreed hustle, at this point Hill’s “amazing behind the plate skills with the pitchers” is a complete luxury this team can’t afford ANYMORE. The no. 2 catcher must NOW have at least a little bit more to offer offensivley than what Hill has to offer which is almost a sure 0-4 or 1-4 day when subbing or a probable out when pinch hitting.

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