9/25 Extra bases

Tyler Colvin is doing well, but whether he switches to first base for 2011 has not been determined. Hendry talked to Colvin when the rookie outfielder was hospitalized after being struck in the chest by a broken bat in a freak accident last week in Miami.

“Obviously, he escaped a potential disastrous situation,” Hendry said Saturday. “If you were playing three weeks from now, he could possibly play.”

Colvin was expected to resume the strength program he was on after the 2009 season which helped him gain 25 pounds. He lost about 13 pounds during the season. What about switching to first base?

“We might look into it, depending on how the offseason goes and how we line up at first base and the outfield,” Cubs GM Jim Hendry said. “There are a lot of bridges to cross between now and the middle of February.”

On other topics:

* Hendry has been encouraged by how well the Cubs have played since Mike Quade took over. “Guys are playing hard, the veterans are hanging in there and still going about their business well and I’m real happy with some of the young pitchers who have gotten over the hump,” he said. “I think they’ll all benefit from that.”

* He complimented Sean Marshall for another stellar season as set-up man and expected lefty John Grabow to return strong. Grabow will not need surgery on his knee.

“We’re confident he can come back,” Hendry said. “In fairness to John, after having four, five good years, he had a rough first couple months and probably should’ve been a little more vocal on how much discomfort he was in. He’s not the type who wants to make excuses on his lack of success here.”

— Carrie Muskat


Barring a free agent signing or trade, I would like to see Tyler Colvin give first base a try. It would make alot of sense to me. Of course, we’ll have to wait until spring training to find out what happens.

Great to see Jim try to defend the indefensible… $7m+ over 2 seasons especially in last winter’s market for Grabow – who has been little short of a joke since he arrived – was ridiculous and rightly panned by most MLB commentators as one of the worst deals of the winter.

Exactly when is Tommy Boy going to start making Hendry accountable for this expensive and underperforming travelling circus that he has created?

The best young GM on the market had just been snapped up by the DBacks. Towers’ first comment was “I need to strengthen the bullpen and the bench”. Oh to have a GM with such foresight.

You have to wonder if Hendry has any clue about how he comes accross while being interviewed and would ever wise up and clam up. Day in and day out it is nothing but lameness spewing from him. The only reason Colvin would make sense at first is to save money (no high priced free agents) AND to open up a spot for Snyder. But if Colvin going to first is just a way to keep Fukodome as the EVERYDAY right fielder it would be a mistake. Everyday right fielder should be somebody with at least THE POTENTIAL for being AN RBI GUY, and Fukodome has proven ever since donning a Cub jersey he IS NOT THAT GUY. If he can’t be traded he must be relagated to being an expensive, typical Jim Hendry mistake free agent part-time defensive sub for Soriano. In fact, the most productive solution to the blatant financial, roster clogging disasters that are Soriano and Fukodome would be to platoon them in left field opening up right field full time for either Colvin or Snyeder or Byrd if his higness can get a legit LEAD-OFF centerfielder.

Um, JDF: Platooning Soriano and Fukodome would give the Cubs a combined, always (one way or another) flawed, $33 million left fielder. I don’t think even your favorite GM would be able to explain that to the business-savvy new owner…

Um, george: I KNOW THAT, YOU KNOW THAT and we all know it won’t happen but Hendry must have explained A LOT to the new owners already regarding throwing their money away at people like Soriano, Fukodome, Jaramillo… at least this would be to explain how to cut the losses and increase the clubs chances of a victory by minimizing the flaws of both Soriano and Fukodome and keeping a home grown, low cost left fielder in the line up everyday. Either way, a platoon or an every day Soriano only, left field will ALWAYS be flawed so why not reduce the flaw in left field?
Narrow down the flaw to ONLY right field. At least late in the game when Fukodome is brought in for his platoon time he can catch a ball or two. No matter, it’s still a bad situation either way.

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