9/27 Ready for anything

Despite having to use six relievers on Sunday against the Cardinals, Cubs manager Mike Quade said
the bullpen is in good shape coming into Monday’s game vs. the Padres. It’s a big game for San Diego, which needs to win to clinch at least a tie for first in NL West.
“You want to have your
ducks in a row so you can try to give them the best effort that you can,” Quade
said. “We’ll see if we can’t make life tough for them.”

Asked if he is doing anything
different knowing this game means something to Padres, Quade said he’ll still go with the young players but plans on using the veterans.

“The funny thing is when you come out
here, the matchups aren’t as prevalent and you don’t have a big familiarity with
this club,” he said. “We’re going to play the [veterans]. They’ve all had plenty of rest.
We’ll try to play them as much as possible to try to be as representative as we

“The kids have been contributing. We were resilient as heck [Sunday] and I
hope we stay the same way and stay in that posture in these four

On Sunday, the Cubs trailed the Cardinals 8-0 and were able to score seven runs.

— Carrie Muskat


Quade said he’ll still go with the young players but plans on using the veterans. ??????? Uhhh… which is it then? Once again in English Mike? “We’re going to play the [veterans]. They’ve all had plenty of rest. We’ll try to play them as much as possible to try to be as representative as we can….representative of what? An old bad team??? Hill over Castillo STILL? Why? No wonder Hendry likes this guy, he speaks fluent Hendryese.

I am completely at a loss as to why Hill and Nady are still playing this season.

I can only think that the penny-pinching Ricketts want to finish as high as possible so there is less draft spending next year…

A Bizarre theory I know, but no more bizarre than keeping Castillo, Hoffpauir and Snyder on the bench and continuing with a veteran line-up who were responsible for SEptember being early spring training for 2011.

Quade should be ashamed of his abandonment of the CUbs future to help his job quest.

Look at it this way — the Padres are fighting for a playoff spot. Let’s say you’re the Giants, and you see that the Cubs lineup with kids who have 5, 6 big league at-bats instead of experienced players. Is that fair? The D-backs are using their front line guys vs the Giants. If Soto was healthy, he’d be playing. If Lee were still here, he’d be playing. What about the future, you ask? There’s a baseball cliche that you can’t base evaluations solely on September performances. Hang on. You’ll see Snyder, Castillo, Hoffpauir this weekend vs Astros.

Hill’s No. 1 job is catcher. That’s why he’s starting.

Soto is DL’d that leaves either Hill or Castillo to catch. Carrie, are you saying the Giants would rather have Hill and his PATHETIC offense play against the Padres just because he’s a veteran vs. the rookie with a .300 average in limited AB’s? You can base an evaluation of Hill on several years of history, his offense sucks and I would bet good money that the Giants are ticked that Castillo hasn’t taken over while facing the Padres. I think Hustle has you dead to rights on this one. Just the POSSIBILITY of Castillo hitting 50 points better than Hill’s anemic .215(???) would capture the Giants grattitude and at the same time get Castillo some major league experience. Translation: Good for both the Giants AND the Cubs. Same can be said about Snyder over Fukodome. With Colvin out Soriano may be the best option in left and at first base it’s pretty much a coin toss between Nady and Haufpauir, neither of whom have shined or is a significant uprade like Casitllo over Hill or Snyder over Fukodome.

The veterans are really socking it to the Padres tonight – or was that sucking it…?

The future starts now – not next week.

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