9/29 Underdog

After Tuesday’s game, Ryan Dempster endorsed Mike Quade and the job he’s done since taking over the Cubs on Aug. 23. Quade appreciated that.

“As long as my relationship with [the players] is good, and I think it is, then I stick to that and do what I have to do,” he said. “To get support from people is better than to not get support. I’m glad they’re happy with the way we’re doing things and the way things are going. Hopefully, they’ll be productive and happy for the next five days.”

The Cubs do have a 21-11 record since Quade took the helm. Winning helps.

“If we hadn’t been winning during this time, who knows what the comments would’ve been,” Quade said. “No matter what the situation, winning baseball games takes care of a lot of stuff. Things are never perfect, even when you’re winning, but it does make for a lot better environment.”

Usually teams continue to struggle when there is a managerial change.

“Every situation is different from a talent standpoint, from a division standpoint,” Quade said. “I got an opportunity to come in and do things the way I like and [GM Jim Hendry] gave me free reins and said, ‘Take this shot and go do it.’ Nothing has gotten in the way of me being able to do that. The results have been good and I’m thrilled.”

However, Hendry has interviewed Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg and there is talk that he’ll also interview Yankees manager Joe Girardi. Quade appears to be the underdog.

“I always like the underdog,” Quade said. “You guys can handicap the thing. I’m proud of the job we’ve done and the way these guys have finished. We’re not finished yet. Let’s hope we finish the next five games well. People who make the decisions will make the decision.

“When it comes to underdogs and handicapping,” he said, “I’ll stick to horses.”

— Carrie Muskat

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