10/1 Final weekend

Mike Quade has three games remaining as the Cubs manager, starting Friday, and then he’ll wait and see what GM Jim Hendry wants to do. Quade said he does not have a formal interview time set.

“I really am in a day to day mode,” Quade said Friday.

There are some fish in Florida waters needing his attention but he did plan on spending a few days at the end of the season in Chicago.

“I talk so much about ‘the process’ — that process will take care of
itself,” he said of the interview progress. “I’m flexible as can be. That conversation needs to happen.
… I haven’t concerned myself with that.”

Players have endorsed Quade who has guided the Cubs to a 22-12 record since taking over Aug. 23.

“It starts with figuring out who I am and getting comfortable with me and how I plan to do things and how I’m going to react to things and everything else,” Quade said. “All the little stuff that you do during the course of the day, be it a conversation or how you put your lineups together, all of that stuff seems to matter. So you hope guys will respond. It didn’t have to go as well as it has. I’ve talked about the process and I really mean that, and I think that’s been in place for the six weeks or five weeks or however long it’s been and that’s been a part of it. The process is not just going out and catching the ball and throwing it to first. It has to do with a lot of different things. They’ve done a great job, all the kids.”

Any positive feedback is better than negative feedback, he said.

“I’m just happy that everybody’s comfortable and I’m really happy that I’m comfortable,” Quade said. “That’s made a big difference in my life the last five weeks.”

— Carrie Muskat

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Mike Quade has definitely placed himself in a good position to be the 2011 Manager. What he has done since taking over, a 22-12 record, cannot escape notice. Quade is making the managerial decision extremely difficult, isn’t he? Nobody really expected him to turn the Cubs around as he has done. If he doesn’t get the Cubs’ job, then I hope he has the opportunity to manage somewhere in the majors. He deserves it!

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