10/12 Cubs manager update

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts has met with the four managerial candidates but there is no timetable for when the team will name its next skipper. Ricketts would not comment on the managerial search but a source confirmed he has interviewed each of the candidates.

The four include Mike Quade, Ryne Sandberg, Eric Wedge and Bob Melvin. Quade, who has spent 17 seasons managing in the Minor Leagues, compiled a 24-13 mark when he took over for Lou Piniella. Sandberg is coming off a season at Triple-A Iowa where he was named Pacific Coast League Manager of the Year. It was his fourth season managing in the Cubs’ Minor League system.

Ricketts was in Mesa, Ariz., on Tuesday to campaign for Proposition 420, which will be on the general election ballot Nov. 2. The measure is designed to allow the city to spend up to $84 million for a new Spring Training stadium and practice facilities for the Cubs.

— Carrie Muskat


Although I was born on the south side of Chicago the guys on our block formed a Cubs fan club back in 1955 plus I coached baseball for a number of year so I speak with some experience. The issue the Cubs have had with every manager ? is that, over time, they all get enamored with the long ball. As a result, the managers/coaches/players get lazy and forget how important it is to bunt, hit and run, work a count and identify opportunities to steal base or two. It is really apparent in the playoffs. Sandberg was great at all four and good hit the long ball. He is the guy that should manage the Cubs! If you can, pass along my comments to Hendry. Thanks

It is clearly obvious that Hendry wants Quade… a low maintenance manager who will not rock the boat.

Hendry is “holding out for Girardi” knowing he has no chance and hoping that Sandberg – proud man that he is – gets snapped up elsewhere. That way he can say I tried to get the best, Sandberg wouldn’t wait, so Quade is the best available.

Why no Sandberg now? Because Jim knows he would tell it like it is. Far better to have somebody to say yes Jim no Jim.

The sooner the Hendry virus leaves Chicago the better. Debilitating, Sapping of Spirit, Nauseating, makes your flesh crawl and creating Angst. The only known cure is a sack.

Wow…I kneel before the master.
Is there a remote possiblilty Hendry would actually do something that made sense like hiring Sandberg over Quade? Does Hendry have so much love and confidence in Quade that if hired he will give Quade a 3-5 year deal like Baylor, Baker and Pinnella the OTHER guys that Hendry HAD to have?

I like Quade for next year. A little 1 year deal to reward a guy who did good for part of last year to prove himself. Rickett’s already announced a lower budget so Quade makes since to me. He has already done so much with so little. Let Sandberg season a little more in the minors or even bring him up and let him coach first. Girardi is a good option to have in the future. He wants to manage the Cubs but he’s not going to stop being a Yankee as long a they keep winning. With a good owner, Ricketts and good options at the managerial position the Cubs will shuffle every liability out in between the two.

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