10/13 Angel Guzman update

Cubs pitcher Angel Guzman, who has undergone two surgeries on his right shoulder and Tommy John procedure on his elbow, started playing catch this week in Mesa, Ariz. It’s the first time he’s been allowed to throw since having a procedure on his shoulder in March. When he began the workout, Guzman didn’t hesitate for fear of pain in his shoulder.

“I’m not scared of throwing,” Guzman said. “I’ve been throwing a baseball my entire life.”

The only problem may be holding him back. After his session Monday, Guzman said he felt as if he could have thrown harder and longer.

“That’s my 15 minutes of happiness,” he said as he came off the field from the light session at Fitch Park.

In early March, Guzman, 28, was diagnosed with a significant tear in a ligament in his right shoulder. He had not thrown off the mound all spring after undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. The right-hander was finally healthy in 2009, and appeared in a career high 55 games, compiling a 2.95 ERA. This season, he was projected to handle late inning relief for the Cubs. He remained optimistic.

“By [Spring Training], my goal is at least be throwing off the mound,” Guzman said.

— Carrie Muskat


Angel Guzman: “I’m not scared of throwing.”

Me (in best Yoda voice): “You SHOULD be….”

Right, and Hendry is not scared of throwing money around. Maybe he’ll pay Guzman 3.3 million just to lob the ball all season like he did with Nady. At least Guzman is a home grown player that should be given one more chance. Hey, maybe Nady’s arm is so completely healed he’ll be used as an 8th inning set up guy? And I had the nerve to question Hendry’s logic when sigining Nady, it all makes sense now. Hendry is surely a genius!!!

Also in best Yoda voice to Jim Hendry… “laughing stock to world the Cubs make are you…”

Jim couldn’t run an Egg and Spoon race so why is he still GMing the Cubs. I have read some absolute rubbish from various press outlets over the last fortnight that the Trib forced Jim’s hand in handing out the contracts he did.

Did anybody put a gun to his head regards all the No Trade Clauses?
Did anybody force him to make the Cubs go into the 2010 season with the worst bullpen in baseball?
Who made him bid against himself to give Grabow $7.5 over 2years when MAtt Capps was far cheaper?
The Trib made him outbid himself for both Soriano and Bradley?
Having the highest payroll in the NL with not a single 30HR, 100RBI or True Pitching Ace on the staff?
The sheer luxury of Nady at $3.3m with the first 3months as a pinch hitter?
Keeping Lou after the fire was obviously out?
Trading Fontenot for what / why exactly…?

To say this man is an idiot is insulting to Village Idiots the world over.

Until he goes I will not put another cent into the Ricketts family coffers. When I want to go to Wrigley I will buy my tickets from the thousands available at cut price on Stubhub… they are already paid for so no need to help Tommy Boy with his Hendry fixation.

Hendry is like a virus… however seemingly incureable.

hustle…one truly must wonder about the history regarding the Ricketts and Hendry? GM’s that do a better job than Hendry are let go for lesser “crimes” but he manages to not only keep his job but GET AN EXTENSION. Unbelievable.

It doesn’t take all that much insight to notice a bad decision. However, it does take some insight to propose a solution. Blaming Hendry is just like blaming Bartman. Doing so, is ignoring multiple other variables.

Yes, Grabow was a bad move. Jim outbid himself, and was obviously in the market for a left handed, late inning set up man. Grabow walks far too many batters, and the deal was a joke.

But regarding Soriano, the Cubs were coming off a horrible year, and needed to make a splash. Common sense dictated the deal wasn’t thought out in a big picture scheme. However, the Cubs strung together a couple division titles. A slew of impatient, high revenue based fans wouldn’t settle for less.

Now, our farm system has a fighting chance to actually produce some talent, and an entire different approach is necessary. How quickly before people complain that the Cubs don’t make a run at Cliff Lee?
Remember the circumstances, outlook and necessities of the team before blaming Hendry for a series of decisions that could have gone either way.

As for Guzman, keep him.
Too talented, too many strikeout pitches, and a great set up man if healthy. He can be signed for a low based, high incentive laden deal. I give the guy one more year to stay healthy.
But hey, the Cubs need pitching.
My conclusion is based on evaluation alongside supply and demand. Good thing I’m not a GM.

Any other variables are completely irrelevant.

We have a bad season so the GM can waste money like there is tomorrow. Ok Jim you are excused… what a load of absolute baloney.

All this talk about the farm… we have needs at 1st base, 3rd base and a good No.2 in the rotation… so where are they? The idea of the farm is it develops our needs. So why wasn’t Marquez Smith deemed good enough to come up in September. Aside from very possibly Archer, where is the pitching going to come from? Coleman might make a fifth starter – but then so do Wells, Silva and possibly Cashner.

All in all, to excuse Hendry is inexcuseable.

The solution… move Ramirez to first for a year if he can’t be unloaded this winter, make a run at Beltre for 3rd base. Unload Fukupdome and play Colvin every day in rightfield. Use any money saved from Lee, Lilly and Fukupdome to find a genuine No.2 starter and pray that Zambrano can keep a level head. For 2011 use Ramirez money to pay for the first part of Gonzalez salary, so we have competence at 1st and 3rd, Castro and HJ Lee completing the infield and Colvin, Byrd, Soriano and Snyder covering the outfield. No genuine lead-off guy, but we cannot get Crawford with Soriano blocking left field.

Obviously I meant use the Ramirez money in 2012…

A slew of impatient, high revenue based fans wouldn’t settle for less. WHAAAAT???? So because of THAT Hendry is excused? Ridiculous. ericdawsonfoster@yahoo.com… BAD, hustlelikereed…GOOD.

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