10/14 Josh Vitters update

One of the reasons the Cubs wanted Josh Vitters to play in the Arizona Fall League was to make up for time he missed after breaking his hand when he was hit by a pitch in July. The Cubs also are testing him at first base. Vitters, who was a third baseman when the team selected him first in the 2007 Draft, started Wednesday night at first for the Mesa Solar Sox. Last year, playing third at Class A Daytona, he made five errors in 28 games, and at Double-A Tennessee, committed 13 in 63 games. Maybe the switch to first will help Vitters’ career.

— Carrie Muskat


So he has failed at 3rd base despite being highly touted, and he hardly has the big bat we need at first.

Signed for his big bat, whilst defense is his weakness he has averaged .241 in 140games at A+/AA.

And who put together this white hot scouting team… the incomparable Jim Hendry. Go Jim Go… out of Chicago before you destroy the Cubs.

hustle, he HASN’T ALREADY destroyed the Cubs? For every Starlin Castro (who was good enough to START the 2010 season but deemed by Hendry “not yet ready” to replace the MIGHTY, IRREPLACABLE THERIOT, costing the team a month of production) there are countless failed prospects. Except of course for Casey McGhee, the RBI machine with at least adequate defense at 3rd base, good home run power and a good average, he at least has come through as a very productive major leaguer…FOR THE BREWERS. Thanks for THAT one too Jim. And we received who for McGhee? ….Anybody??? Hello, Jim??? You awake??? WAKE UP, FOOL!!!! And once awake, roll over and rouse whichever Ricketts you’re in bed with so the two of you can create another “tier” in the ticket scheme in order to sqeeze more money from the fans in order to what? Sign Nady to play first base because he came a long way in 2010 and deserves to be the firstbaseman??? Joke. Joke. Joke. Choke.

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