10/19 The Q factor

On Tuesday, the Cubs officially promoted Mike Quade to the big leagues. He signed a two-year contract with the team and after 17 seasons and 2,378 games in such towns as Macon, Scranton, Huntsville and Des Moines, he’s now the Cubs manager.

“I don’t know how anybody could’ve done better than he did,” Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez said of Quade after the regular season finale Oct. 3.

“Q” was picked over Ryne Sandberg, which will upset more than a few Cubs fans who wanted the Hall of Fame second baseman back at Wrigley Field and in the dugout. It’s unlikely Sandberg will be on the Cubs coaching staff.

Others considered for the Cubs job included Eric Wedge, who was named manager of the Mariners, and former Diamondbacks and Mariners manager Bob Melvin. This is the third manager to be named by Hendry, who gave Dusty Baker a four-year contract, starting in 2003, and hired Lou Piniella in October 2006.

Quade, 53, took over for Piniella on Aug. 23 and is the fifth Cubs manager to post a .600 or better winning percentage as a mid-season replacement. Whitey Lockman did so 1972 after replacing Leo Durocher, guiding the Cubs to a 39-26 mark. Others to accomplish the feat include Frank Chance in 1905 (55-33); Charlie Grimm in 1932 (37-18); and Gabby Hartnett in 1938 (44-27).

— Carrie Muskat


Seriously! If Derek Jeter retires, and the Yankees put him in the minor leagues for 4 years, to groom him for the job, and then hire a no name, the Yankees fans would be in an uproar. That is exactly what is happening to Sandberg. He is a Cubs icon.

Quade is qualified, no doubt, but I still think Sandberg is better qualified to run this team. Look at all the one run games we lost! Sandberg is a master at small ball.

I’m going to puke when we see Sandberg managing for someone like the Blue Jays and actually wins it all.

Quade better go all the way or it’s going to leave a really bad taste in the PAYING fans mouths. I was going to go to Wrigley a few times this year, but I will save my money. I do not want to financially support the likes of Ricketts and Hendry!

Sounds like Hendry only gave Quade 2 years to give Sandberg some extra time in the minors before he gets the job?? I mean, Quade is a low cost option, and although, Ryno has been pretty good in the minors, this gives him another 2 years experience.

I love Ryno just as much as any other Cub fan, but the last thing I want to see is Ryno getting the manager job that he’s been dreaming of (and the fans too), and if the team doesn’t perform like expected, he gets run out of town like Dusty did. Cubs fans do NOT like Dusty Baker, and I don’t want to see the same thing happen to my beloved Ryno!!! I understand why the decision was made this way. I’d love to see more Ryno, but we will…It’s just a matter of time.

At least this is my humble opinion…
Also…this gives Hendry some time to rebuild the team with all the minor league call ups and large salary contracts that should be expiring in the next 2 years before Ryno gets up here…just a thought…

Hey Carrie, NOW that Hendry has prematurley filled the manager’s positon by giving Quade a two year “window” to get to the World Series…are you on board that Hendry is a negligent GM in more ways than wasting money? He has now shown poor judgement by passing over both Girardi and Sandberg and even worse…the two year deal given HIS choice Quade speaks volumes of the confidence placed in Quade. The only good news is the two year deal may be indicative of Ricketts expiration date FOR HENDRY. I’m already researching an additional team to root for until Hendry is gone. Maybe wherever Sandberg lands next year will be a substitute team for many of us disgruntled fans. From the frying pan and into the fire. Of course, I’ll take this all back if and when I see Quade bench Fukodome and Soriano on a more than regular basis in 2011 and play younger guys like Colvin and Snyder and Jackson, it must happen. The same old same old should not be tolerated by the field manager even though it is being tolerated by the owners evidenced by the retention of Hendry.

There are no words to explain quite what a spineless decision this has been by Big Jim and Tommy Boy.

Yes Jim no Jim…

If Quade is so good, how come with all the vacancies he has not been even rumoured to be wanted.

After 20years of Cubbie addiction, I am finally cured.

So sorry Ryno that the job you worked so hard for was given away by the 2 most gutless cowards in Chicago.

And in answer to Joey, I’m considering temporarily supporting Ted and Reed in LA until Hendry is driven out of town and Tommy Boy and the Clampetts start treating the Cub’s supporters with respect rather acting like complete hicks.

I like this move, Joey. Baseball people I’ve talked to outside of the organization say Sandberg isn’t ready — despite what he says. Des Moines and Tennessee are very different from Chicago. Yes, he did what the Cubs asked and rode the buses in the Minors. Yes, the Iowa players liked him, respected him. But having seen the way the players responded to Q, how hard he works, how he easily transitioned from coach to dealing daily with the media, I’m looking forward to the next two years — and then some.

I am not knocking Quade… however, WHEN does a person be considered “ready”? After some major league experience? Hmmm…and where does one get major league experience? Not on Hendry’s team. This smacks of typical Hendry lameness and nothing but. How could you explain the paltry two years then Carrie? Two years? THAT’S the window of opportunity given Quade? You think Girardi would have considered two years for THIS team? It’s a show of either no confidence or indecision on either Hendry or the Ricketts. LAME.


Quade won last year so there is no reason not to think he will win again this year. I have faith in the Rickett’s family and Mike Quade.

I just hope we get the legitimate #1 starter who is on the uphill side of his prime. Or it doesn’t matter who the manager is. The long season and ace match ups will shuffle us to the bottom of the division again.

If we’re looking for a 1st baseman can Rameriez play 1st? If not I really like James Loney, lefty, young, and talented in all aspects of the game.

I think this was a classy move by the Jim and Tom Show. Since many expect the next two years to be filled with “rebuilding” including the continued influx of home grown talent, why not pick Quade? He has a solid resume of working with young players, is respected by his players – veterans and rookies alike – and somehow, someway he got the 2010 Cubs to react well under his managing style during what was a lost season almost from the beginning. In short, he deserves this opportunity. It would have been easy to pick Ryno – and I hope he is eventually in the Cubs dugout again – but, right now is not his time. As for not waiting for Girardi, I have to believe that Cubs management had talked with some in Girardi’s camp as well – and I’m sure they were told not to expect Joe to be available. If I were Jim and Tom, I wouldn’t want to sit around and play anybody’s “leverage” while a better deal could be negotiated with that AL team from NY. And that’s exactly the role the Cubs would have played in any Girardi talks. IMHO of course.

sonny, then why not re-build WITH Sandberg who has more knowledge of the young guys coming up than does Quade? Not classy at all, remember it was Hendry who “advise” Sandberg years ago to get some time in the minor leagues. THIS is how Hendry rewards the franchise’s Hall Of Famer??

Wow, I can’t believe all this negativity about Mike Quade’s hiring. I think the hiring is very good. The players (veterans and rookies) love him because he is open and approachable. He does the line-up ahead of time so that the players know early and can prepare with their routine. That is a big deal in the major leagues, when players need to know their exact roles. He knows all the young and veteran players both from managing them in Triple A and being a base coach for Lou. Ryno was a great player but I don’t think he has the approach to get the most out of guys like Soriano, Zambrano, Ramirez, and Fukudome. These guys need a manager who will act like a shrink to them and boost their ego/confidence (we are stuck with all of them). Ryno does not have the patience because his expectations is ridiculously high being a Hall-of-Famer. Just like asking Michael Jordan to coach, it will not work. Look around and see the Manager’s that had success recently (Bobby Cox, Ron Washington, Joe Girardi, Bruce Bochy, Joe Torre, etc.). They have that ability to connect with players both young and old. What the Cubs need is stability in SP, Middle Relief and a good #3 hitter. I think Quade will surprise a lot of people because the Cubs will be competitive next year.

The veterans…you mean Soriano, Fukodome, Ramirez, Zambrano, Hill…??? Why wouldn’t they love Quade? He’ll probably play them regardless of their eroding skills (or lack of skills all together). Ryno does not have the patience??? I’m glad you clued us in on this double. I thought (mistakenly of course according to you) that Ryno had quite a bit of patience considering he dutifully followed Hendry’s suggestion of spending time (4 years) in the minor leagues. Sure, not as much as Quade, but Quade wasn’t told by Hendry to go to the minors in order to advance. This isn’t so much about being negative regarding Quade as it is being positive for Sandberg. And hasn’t Quade spent quite a few years in the big leagues? So that would make Sandberg the one MORE FAMILIAR with the young players like Castro, Colvin, Castillo, Barney on and on. After all these young players were just recently called up from SANDBERG’S team NOT Quade’s. But, I must be out of my mind thinking Sandberg too might fill out a line up card in advance. Obviously Quade wrote the book on THAT trade secret, probably copyrighted it as well thus explaining why Sandbberg along with ANY other manager doesn’t make out the line-ups in advance. Give me a break. It’s not anti-Quade…It’s all about anti-Hendry and Pro-Sandberg. Two years for Quade?? Double, you think THAT contract is a resounding vote of confidence? I think it has a back door escape plan written all over it by the weasly Hendry. So much for LONG TERM dedication to turning things around. I’m sure the David Kaplan’s pick of the “must have” golden boy Girardi would have JUMPED at a two year deal. NOT!

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